Using an EMF Grounding Mat? Don't Be Duped.

Are you using or thinking about buying an EMF Grounding Mat or Pad? 

It's unbelievable that so many health "experts" are selling and/or recommending these dangerous gimmicks and awful wastes of money. I'm seeing such convincing salesmen on YouTube and the rest of the internet peddling all kinds of products with "slight-of-hand" videos and authoritative claims based in incorrect science.

Yes. Another good one is the satisfaction or money back guarantee. medical science testing has shown that the placebo effect can be up to 50%. So, you just spent a boat-load of money…of course, you would want it to work. 

Be gentle on yourself. Unless someone has put exhaustive study time into understanding how electromagnetic fields actually function and what they are, it is quite understandable that anyone could be duped. Once we learn about the harmful effects of EMFs (or, even worse, we begin to experience them for ourselves) then it's a set-up to becoming vulnerable to all the various scams.

A professional EMF testing and consultation will potentially save you from years of ill health and EMF scams. It's more than a testing, it's an education that will last a lifetime.

In other words, the Body-Skin voltage test will show that your voltage reading is zero. But, this is where most get fooled. If we also measure the current passing over your skin, it will be considerable and the frequency of this current will usually register in the VLF range, above 2 kilohertz.

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