Real Estate Adventures and EMF Radiation Chapter 1

With the repletion of education and information that the internet provides, EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation has increasingly become a topic of concern; especially when it comes to buying a new home.

US government safety standards for EMF radiation are no longer taken seriously by informed Americans. Powerline AC Magnetic Fields or ELF (Extremely Low-Frequency Radiation) and cell tower transmitter RF (Radio Frequency or Microwave Radiation) emissions are becoming the foremost concern among a growing number of home buyers.

What does today's real estate agent, attorney, or home buyer need to know? First, America has no official public safety limit or distance due to EMF radiation for how close a property can be to a power line or cell tower transmitter. Anyone who wants to employ an excessive level of EMF for their cause or reason to be released from their responsibilities agreed to by contract will not prevail in a court of law.

Therefore, good advice for an inexperienced buyer is to have the desired property assessed before entering into a purchase agreement. It costs a lot less money and aggravation to have a home tested for EMF than it costs to break a signed contract.

Here's a story of a situation that occurred a few months ago. A man, interested in buying a house on a few acres in southwestern New Jersey, requested an EMF Testing. He shared that he had just shown the house to his brother who remarked that the power lines crossing through the backyard "looked nasty" and that the property should be assessed for EMF radiation. The new caller admitted that he had knew little about EMF radiation but wanted to have the property tested before moving his young family into this new home.

I tested the AC Magnetic Fields (ELF); the frequencies in the EMF spectrum associated with power line energy. The readings were elevated throughout the property.  Unforeseen, there was actually another power line running underground just beneath the front yard that caused elevated magnetic levels inside this house. The lines out back consequently affected the large backyard where the boys would be playing.

In the written EMF Report, he received all measured and recorded data, safety standards from countries outside the US, and a link to the website.

The next day, I received a phone call from his lawyer. She summoned, "Based on your expert opinion, what is your safety limit for ELF radiation?" I asked her why was she was phoning me, and not my client, and if this conversation was being recorded. She said, "Yes." 

She divulged that our mutual client had already signed a contract with the owner, prior to our first contact. Oh, boy.

The client had apparently gone to the owner with his EMF Report. The owner then replied that none of this was his concern. (Nice guy, huh?) If the client didn't want the house, then he would lose his money. That's when he called a friend's attorney.

I emailed my client to phone me. He shared that the owner would not let him test the property unless he paid a $1000 deposit towards the signing fees and that this money was not refundable.

My response surprised him. I said that if you are looking for me to testify that the EMF radiation on this property, according to US standards, is not safe, then he is mistaken. (I was clear in my report to him that this property was within US government safety standards for EMF.)

However, there was an easier way for him to be released from this contract. Because the owner would not let him test the property for EMF unless he signed a contract and paid monies, he technically entered this contract under duress. Therefore, the contract could be dismissed.

There are four lessons learned from this story:

1) You have the right to test your prospective dream home for electromagnetic radiation. 

2) You should have the home tested before entering into a signing contract. It could save you money and aggravation in the long-run.

3) Real Estate agents should know that if they maintain their integrity and look out for their clients' best interests, then they will not only sleep better at night, but will build a dependable, faithful, and loyal client base for referrals.

4) When in doubt, definitely have your home tested for electromagnetic field radiation. It could save you and your family's life.

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