ELF Radiation: Things We'd Never Think Of

Here is the unedited version of an article I wrote for my friend Scott Harris's business newsletter, published a few months ago. I hope you glean some new information from this to help you and your family thrive. Here is Scott's business webpage: Scott Harris

The last thing that most of us would ever think of while we're trying to decide where to position the heirloom furniture in our wonderful new apartment that Brown, Harris, Stevens Residential Real Estate just landed us is how far away from a dimmer switch we need to place our favorite chair. Most of us would never wonder if the lamps, alarm clocks, gadgets, and devices we keep at our bedside are having an effect on the quality of our sleep. "Of course not! No one has ever announced this as a problem in the evening news. I've never heard of this hullabaloo!" 

That's right. You probably never have.

Some of you may be old enough to remember your parents impatiently cautioning for the umpteenth time, "Children, please don't sit so close to the television set!" We'd move back thinking that this new viewing spot just wasn't as much fun. 

Our parents were just trying to protect us from the very real and proven hazards of ELF (Extremely Low-Frequency Radiation.)  Back then, the dangers were more in our society's consciousness than they are now. This energy has been proven in thousands of verifiable studies to cause us all kinds of harm; from cancer and neurological disease to infertility, memory loss, chronic fatigue syndrome. and depression.

So, you might say,"But, Jim, we don't have televisions with tubes in them anymore. What's the big deal?"  Yes. That's right. Most of us don't, but we do have other things in our home that can emit very high levels of ELF radiation. The good news is that it only takes us moving a couple feet away from a high ELF source to become safe.

Here are just a few tips to help make you and your loved ones much safer in your home from ELF:

  1. Place your comfortable chair a few feet away from any light/dimmer switch or wall outlet.

  2. When using a kitchen appliance such as a blender or toaster, stand a couple feet away once you've pushed the ON button.

  3. Toss out that old microwave oven. If the seals are worn, then you are literally slow cooking your neurons.

  4, Move those electrical cords under your desk as far away from your feet as possible.

  5. Avoid sitting near your circuit breaker box.

I encourage you to become more aware and informed of the possible ill-health effects of all electromagnetic fields. There's enough conclusive and verified proof out there that we should all start implementing ways to reduce our exposure. I'm here to help. 

A little knowledge can go a long way towards improving your health and/or preventing a serious illness. I wish you well.

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