Cellular and Molecular Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

In this video, Dr. Martin Blank, Columbia University, presents that there are many plausible biological mechanisms triggered by the effects of radio frequency radiation and the ELF, extremely low frequency radiation, from electrical power generation.

Dr. Blank sites many studies made over the course of decades and gives us his scientific insights into these studies. In one section of the talk, he elucidates on studies linking ELF radiation with not only the often mentioned Leukemia, but also Alzheimer's Disease and Breast Cancer.

I found his metaphor of the "Frog and the Kettle" to be poignant. He relates that if you put a frog in boiling water, he immediately jumps out...but, if you put him in comfortably warm water and you leave the flame on low under the kettle, he will eventually boil to death.

Dr. Blank then exclaims, "This is what is happening to us!"