Visionary Claims: "The Future Is the Past."

Here's a note I wrote back on April 23,'s first thought.

If we are fortunate, in our lifetime we may get to meet someone who is a great thinker and visionary. These people have a creative gift for viewing things with a clarity that most of us would never see.

Through my wife's charity, Concerts In Motion, I had the distinct pleasure to meet such a man. I performed a classical flute concert in the home of Mr. Eugene Lang, the billionaire philanthropist and visionary who invented barcode technology and the credit card scanning tape.

Unfortunately, I had met Mr. Lang (He said, "Call me Eugene.") in his declining years while he struggled with Alzheimer's disease. Fortunately, due to the power of music and the positive effects that music can have on listeners' cognition, we very often witness those with serious neurological illnesses suddenly becoming completely lucid, briefly returning to their former selves.



My wife, Jennifer, who also sang for Eugene, shared that in the few weeks before he passed, he would have quite a few of these moments of communicative lucidity. She related that a couple of times he had said,

"The future is the past."

Of course, knowing what I do about electromagnetic and chemical toxins, I could immediately relate to the apparent truth of this statement. It was humbling. Even in the depths of Alzheimer's, this brilliant man had the strength of spirit to continue being a deep thinker, as best he could.

As a society, we have been moving into the "past" direction for quite some time, now. As more and more people become informed, I see us moving towards a world with sustainable organic farming; foods rich in phytonutrients - absent of synthetic GMO's and toxic pesticides. I see tap water that will eventually be free of fluoride, chlorine, trace metals, arsenic, and medical waste. I see clean air and ocean waters that are free of fossil fuel additives and industrial pollutants.

And, what about electromagnetic fields? Despite those who are using the time-proven techniques of disinformation and "creating public doubt," conscientious scientists are all warning that we are all over-exposed and living in a time-sensitive situation. It has become obvious that in our haste for technological advancement, since World War II, that we have launched an incredibly titanic electromagnetic force onto our world, without sound and proper scientific vetting. 

Being solution driven, I've wracked my brain to invent a technological resolve to our dilemma. With dissappointmet, I could only come up with one half-cocked idea that would need piles of money and intellectual resources. If only we could find a way to veil our communication frequencies as a substratum of Schumann's Resonance (7.83 hertz), then our cell phone technology could shift from being harmful to all life forms to augmenting the Earth's natural healing frequencies. 

Of course, the physics of electromagnetism doesn't currently support the possibility for this idea.  Regardless, our most gifted scientists need to begin thinking of alternatives to our current use of harmful electromagnetic fields for wireless communication, specifically in the microwave frequencies.