Gluten-Intolerance Simplified

We hear so much about "gluten-intolerance." Gluten is actually good for us. It's the protein found in carbohydrates. The hydrochloric (HCL) acid in our stomachs breaks gluten down to form helpful amino acids. Any undigested gluten continues on to the intestines where it's perceived as a foreign protein to the body. The intestine then creates antigens. This is where it all starts to get ugly. I know...I once suffered from this, too. Yes, a gluten intolerance can be corrected. It's simply caused by not having enough hydrochloric acid to digest all the carbs we've, we are either eating too much volume of carbs for the amount of HCL acid in our stomachs or just don't have enough HCL acid, to begin with. (The latter situation is common to many taking a PPI blocker such as Nexium or Prevacid. It's because they're making an almost zero amount of HCL acid. A PPI blocker - Proton Pump Inhibitor - prevents the gut mucosa from forming H+, hydrogen ions. Therefore, there's no "H" in HCL. We often encounter these persons with an accompanying gluten-intolerance.) Other than being stuck to only being able to eat gluten-free foods, the solution is rather straight-forward. Eat less carbs and/or give the body what it needs to produce more HCL acid. If you think you're becoming gluten-intolerant, then in the short-term, you could take betaine purchased from the health food store before you eat carbs or you can help the body fix this situation for even better choice! Elexana can help.