EMF Sensitivity: Thriving in the Darkness

Electro-Hypersensitivity or EHS has been the coined term for those of us who not only have a heightened sense of awareness to the energies emitted by the preponderance of electromagnetic fields in our environment, but often experience physical discomfort from exposure to these energies. There are many consistencies between chemical toxicity and EMF toxicity. One of significance is that both interfere with calcium ion (Ca2+) motility and signaling in the body. This interference has a direct effect not only on our neurology, but also on our immune function. It appears that chemical or EMF sensitivity are a natural result of becoming over-exposed to particular environmental stressors or toxins. 

Before I begin, I want to make it clear that I believe that all of us are EMF Sensitive, whether we consciously feel these energies or not. The human body can sense the lowest levels of electromagnetism. Dr. Robert O. Becker (The Body Electric) demonstrated that the human body is sensitive to a direct electrical stimulation down to nearly 100 nano-amperes.  A nano-amp is a billionth of an amp or 0.0000000001 amps. Mount Sinai Hospital is using electrical stimulation of just a few hundred nano-amps to accelerate bone cell regeneration. 

Now, if you take the cellular signal broadcasted by my iPad mini retina display and measure it with one of our professional meters, the radio frequency radiation emissions read a max-hold at 38.16 milli-amperes per meter (mA/m). Considering that this energy is from an area field dispersion of amperage and not a direct stimulation, as used by doctors at Mt. Sinai, this translates as much more than 38 million times higher than the lowest levels our body's can naturally detect. Keep in mind, this is just the energy level measured from one isolated iPad, not 80+ cell phones in a crowded subway car!

To elucidate even further on how sensitive we are to the smallest amounts of microsimulation from electromagnetism, Guy Doron and Michael Brecht published a work in 2015 titled, "What Single-Cell Stimulation Has Told Us About Neural Coding." 

In this report they state, "The later development of intracortical microstimulation (ICMS), a technique in which trains of short (100–200 ms) constant electrical pulses of small current intensities (1–100mA) are delivered extracellularly via a microelectrode at rates of tens to hundreds of Hertz, enabled a more reliable activation of localized populations of neurons and directly influenced sensory perception, movement, and cognition."

Yes. Science is speaking. We are all hyper-sensitive to electromagnetic fields. We see this proved almost every day. If you had your skin-conductance tested while entering the most common and casual electromagnetic fields such as one emitted by a table lamp, the voltage on your skin, from head to toe, would instantly and reactively increase with every inch you moved closer to the center of this EMF source. This is why it is so critical in our work that we mitigate the fields closet to our clients; the fields created within their own homes and workplaces. 

So many with EMF sensitivity feel that it's just not fair that some of us can become so affected by electromagnetism while the greater majority (95-98%) do not sense or feel it at all. This is just another case where the old adage applies,"the world is just not fair." It's no joke, though, for those who suffer, often alone, with this health issue. Occasionally, I will hear that even a client's spouse thinks that their partner is just looney. Yes. It can be lonely, scary, and confusing.

There is hope. There is definitely a way to lessen this sensitivity. Removing trace metals from the blood takes time, but clients have done it. Sensitivity in the skin tissues can be lessened also, but this takes a little longer. Discharging trace metals from the brain area just takes even longer; usually 6-12 months. There is a way to metaphorically bloom like the colorful lotus blossom pictured above and rise from those feelings of being oppressed and burdened by EMF that are everywhere you go. 


Becoming less sensitive to EMF begins on the cellular level. 


Most who claim to be very sensitive to these energies usually began feeling them in their early to mid-forties (although lately, I'm encountering more and more clients in their thirties) and can relate how there had been a time in their lives when they spent a lot of time in strong electromagnetic fields. It was in my mid-forties when I first began presenting signs of electro-sensitivity. These symptoms were uncomfortable pressure in my head, insomnia, concentration issues, short-term memory lapses, vertigo, loud ringing in the ears, unexplainable rashes, headaches, etc. Much later, I learned that these were all documented health-affects from EMF exposure.

Of course, none of us can consciously sense levels as low as a few hundred nano-amps, but there is mounting scientific evidence that conscious sensitivity to higher levels is a natural result of one having higher than normal trace metals or even naturally occurring biogenic magnetite in their tissues. The later was a result of a study by Caltech's Joseph Kirschvink, in 1992. 


Here, Kirschvink reveals that we all have ferromagnetic magnetite (Fe3O4) in our brain tissue. Iron not only acts as an antennae for electromagnetism, but it magnifies its intensity. 

In 1975, Allen Frey demonstrated that continuous exposure to microwaves at power densities as low as 30 micro-watts can weaken fine membranes such as the blood-brain barrier (BBB). A permeable BBB will allow larger sized trace-heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, aluminum, titanium, iron, copper, lead, silver, antimony, and others, to penetrate the BBB. These metals can easily latch onto nearby magnetite and add to the already naturally occurring antennae.

Eberhard et al (2008) report that two-hour exposures to cell phone GSM microwave RF resulted in leakage of albumin across the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and in neuron damage. Neuronal albumin uptake was significantly correlated to occurrence of damaged neurons when measured at 28 days post-exposure. The lowest exposure level was 0.12 mW/kg (0.00012 W/kg) for two hours. The highest exposure level was 120 mW/kg (0.12 W/kg). The weakest exposure level showed the greatest effect in opening the BBB, and in neuron damage and death. https://www.elexana.com/news/2017/12/22/cell-phone-study-drastically-lowers-safety-thresholds

Why do I say, "Naturally occurring antennae?" Because in 2016, the same Joseph Kirschvink proved that we use, and probably have always instinctively used, our magnetite to sense polarity changes in the Earth's magnetic fields to aid in our brain's awareness of daytime's short waves shifting to night time's much longer waves. When this connection is made, the pineal gland is signaled to begin production of melatonin, which most of you know makes us become sleepy.

Once trace-metals magnetically attach to magnetite, they may become more difficult to extricate from the brain, but this is still possible. The folks at www.elexana.com have a program that helps.

The first phase of our program is to lower the electromagnetic field within close proximity of the body so that the electromagnet created within the brain has a weakened force. This, ipso facto weakens the magnetic force holding the trace-metals to the magnetite. 

The human body has the evolutionary and instinctual ability to fight off bacteria and foreign proteins. It also works to emit any inorganic materials that it determines to be harmful. This brings us to the second phase; to give the body the proper materials and support it needs to facilitate the body's efforts to emit or transport these metals and all other toxins from its cells.

The third phase, is to give the client the tools and techniques to maintain a lower voltage on their epidermal and dermal levels, throughout the day. We guide them towards foods and drink that facilitate both the expulsion of toxins and ways to take in less.

We help give your body the best chance to heal. The process takes time, but it is proven effective.