Mobile Phone Safety Tips to Reduce Your Exposure


Why Not Reduce Your Unnecessary Exposure to Mobile Phone Radiation?


Mobile Phones are here to stay. They have become an essential part of our lives and a rite-to-passage for all young tweeners around the world.

Like so many inventions from the past which seemed to be a great idea at the time but weren't completely thought through or tested for their future long-term health consequences such as: asbestos, lead paint, chemical additives in tobacco, fluoride in drinking water, and more, the invention of wireless technology has also been proven to have its harmful health effects.  

Because of the radiation all wireless devices emit, we should all use our intelligence and sense of mindfulness to limit any unnecessary and superfluous exposer to this radiation. To this aim, here are some helpful safety tips that my family has found to improve our health and well-being.


1. Avoid carrying your mobile phone on your body (for example; in a pocket or bra.)     

Rather, keep your phone in a tool bag, purse, or briefcase outer sleeve.  


2. Avoid holding any mobile phone up against your ear.


3. Talk using your mobile phone on loudspeaker or with an “air tube” headset. Here is a good radiation-free air tube headphone: iBrain Air Tube Headphone 

iBrain Air Tube Headphone

iBrain Air Tube Headphone

4. Set your phone to ‘airplane mode’ when not in use.


5. Avoid using your mobile phone in cars, elevators, trains, or any other space with reflective surfaces.


6. Keep mobile phones out of the bedroom, unless they’re in ‘airplane mode’ and Location Services is OFF.


7. Avoid handling your phone while it’s charging - use an outlet switch.


8. In consideration and courtesy to others; place your mobile phone in ‘airplane mode.’ when you are nearby others; at a meeting or social gathering.


9. Children and pregnant women should not use mobile phones unless it’s an emergency.


10. Forward your mobile phone calls to a landline when you are at the office or at home.


11. When possible; minimize your talk time and text more often.


12. Avoid using your mobile phone when the signal is weak. When there are few bars, the phone is sending out a much stronger signal to connect to a cell tower transmitter.


13. Read your mobile phone manual.


14. While driving, you can set your phone on airplane mode and still use your phone's GPS as long as the Location Services is ON. Location Services can be found on an iPhone if you go to Settings, and then to Privacy.