Wireless Lightbulbs: The New EMF Health Hazard

It never ceases to amaze how technology can come to market with a seemingly complete disregard for human health and safety. In 2018, we continue to unquestioningly promote an Industrial Revolution Era viewpoint on our existence regarding technological innovation while our US population continues to suffer exponential growth rates in cancer, neurological diseases, autism, and impotency. 

Our electromagnetic safety standards for protecting the function of computers and electronics continue to be more strict than electromagnetic safety standards for protecting brain function and general health. Once again, this was brought to light, pun intended, yesterday.


Yesterday, I was testing and health consulting on the electromagnetic fields in a residence on Long Island, NY. There was a multitude of EMF issues and no surprise to me that someone in the family had breast cancer. There was one EMF situation, in particular, I had yet to encounter.

While surveying the electrical currents and frequencies that were traveling through the indoor air, using a Gigahertz Solutions NFA 1000 3-Dimensional Near-Field Analyzer (made in Germany), I recorded the most unusual reading. 

 Gigahertz Solutions NFA 1000 Near Field Analyzer

Gigahertz Solutions NFA 1000 Near Field Analyzer

Most EMF Technicians can only measure the EMI (electromagnetic interference) on the hot wire of the corresponding circuit. This is an indication of the "dirty electricity" that could have an interrupting effect on your electronic devices that are plugged into a wall outlet, but not necessarily traveling through the indoor environment. The NFA 1000 gives us the ability to measure the EMI that is actually in the air which could have an adverse effect on all electronic computerized equipment and on you.

This airborne electricity, which we cannot see, smell, feel, or hear, can be measured on the NFA 1000. (This is a Gigahertz Solutions proprietary technology.) The unit we use for this is V/m3 (Volts per cubic-meter.)

The NFA 1000 monitors the airborne electricity from the fundamental 60 Hertz (US) or 50 Hertz (Europe), the first four harmonics, the Resultant of Frequencies noted as: R < 2 kHz; the Resultant less than 2 kilohertz which are those harmonics that are not the fundamental and natural harmonics of 60 Hertz (or 50 Hz.) This R < 2 kHz is more commonly known as EMI or "dirty electricity."  The final frequency range the NFA 1000 can measure with this application is the R > 2kHz. (1 kilohertz is equivalent to 1,000 cycles per second.)

The dominant frequency is lit in Red and the power density measuring in V/m3 registers on the digital LED screen. The secondary frequency is in Yellow, and all others are in Green. Usually, I will see the monitor briefly record intermittent peaks in the EMI, but usually the 60 Hertz frequency is dominant.

Yesterday, in the eastern bedroom, the Red light just stayed fixed on the R < 2 kHz, the EMI. The power density was a whopping 24.5 volts per cubic-meter!

It turns out that installed into the overhead lighting fixture were new wireless lightbulbs. This was the first time I had ever heard of wireless lightbulbs. These were removed and immediately the R < 2 kHz went to Green, the 60 Hertz light went to Red registering @ 1.4 V/m3. The EMI was essentially eliminated by removing these bulbs!

What else can we invent to destroy ourselves? When will we, as a society, consider our health and mental wellness a top priority, and not our profits, convenience, and temporary comfort?

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Building a New Home: Why BX Cable is Best for Your Health

The other day, I was consulting for a new home being built in Old Westbury, Long Island, New York. The home was recently framed and paneled, but the electrical was not yet installed.

In an email, the owner asked for some clarity on one recommendation. Here was my email response.


BX or MC metal-clad cable

…is better than Romex for your health.

Yes. Yesterday, I mentioned that my dream is to someday build our family's home and install BX cable and fiber-optic light-pipe into the walls.

First, because BX cabling provides a metal-clad pipe covering for the electrical wires and that pipe is a ground conductor, your electrical fields can be up to eight times less than the size of the electrical fields emitted by Romex (no piping) cable. This translates to someone having up to 4000 mV of Body-Skin Voltage to under 50mV, while indoors. An elevated skin voltage will stimulate the fight or flight response causing the adrenals to release cortisol, adrenaline, and norephedrine. At high skin voltages, I have seen a 100% consistency to hypothyroidism II.

Second, because BX provides a ground conductor metal sheath over the wiring, RF (radio frequency or microwave radiation) cannot easily piggy-back onto the electrical wiring. This greatly reduces EMI (electromagnetic interference, A.K.A. dirty electricity) not only on the hot wire, the resultant neutral wire, but will also help prevent the ground wire from being corrupted. This doesn't prevent EMI from forming on the hot wire but generally reduces it by at least 67%. This will provide for a better function of all electronic devices, but also because you have diminished the electric field throw, the EMI will not generally cause any issues with EMI traveling in the air. I measure this with an NFA 1000. It is the resultant of all frequencies that are not the fundamental (60 hertz) and the first 4 harmonics. Dirty electricity has been shown to cause neurological dysfunction and even breast cancer.

Third, with a lower skin voltage, you will be less affected by RF radiation due to the concept of electroporation (a modern pharmaceutical term.) Drug companies have been experimenting with administering drugs topically by increasing the skin voltage. As skin voltage increases the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin become more porous; allowing RF and toxins traveling in the air to reach the bloodstream. 

Fourth, is the obvious: If any critters find themselves in the walls of your home (squirrels, field mice, etc.) they will not be able to bite through the metal piping; helping to prevent them from being killed and dying in your walls, preventing them from causing damage to the wiring which will avoid any electromagnetic build-up or potential fire.

BX cabling costs more to install and electricians sometimes belly-ache about using it, because it is heavier and slightly more cumbersome to work with, but if this were my home it would be considered essential. 

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What Does an EMF Testing Cost?


What Does an EMF Testing Cost?  ©2018

How do we set our rates?

We take into account a variety of variables to help us gauge how long a testing and consultation will take, what our travel costs will be, and our time spent traveling. We log these variables into an algorithm that will then print out an invoice. Your cost of services will never exceed the amount on the invoice. Simple.

The cost of an EMF testing and consulting service is always relative to the benefits received.

With the wrong EMF services company: 1) the price you were quoted is often not what you end up paying. 2) additional costs to you could be unnecessary expenses, loss of time, and increased stress. Sometimes, you are simply provided incorrect information and/or incorrect science. Sometimes, incorrectly implemented solutions will have dire health consequences.

Three things to consider:

1) What is the cost to you if a poor EMF testing overlooks a significant electromagnetic field?

2) What is the cost if the wrong EMF service company sells you something that you not only overpaid for, but don’t even need…and it makes you ill?

3) What is the cost if you were told that a certain measured EMF level was harmful, but the levels were only high because the meter was either an amateur model or the meter was not calibrated?

We take into account certain extraordinary circumstances, when it comes to pricing. A bedridden senior citizen, living on their social security payments, will naturally pay an adjusted fee. Someone living on the upper west side will pay less than someone living in Western New Jersey (because of our travel expenses and travel time.)

We also give a small discount to all seniors, military service personnel, police, firefighters, school teachers, and MTA workers. (My Dad worked for the MTA and I know first-hand of their daily struggles.) We will always work with you to make sure you get what you need. Our passion is doing a good job and keeping you healthy.

When it comes to remediation, we give you solutions from free and low-cost to the to the most extensive. Often, mitigation costs work is like buying stereo equipment; you can pay a ridiculous amount more for the smallest increment of improvement.

Much of our remediation happens during the testing and is naturally included. Much of what we recommend costs just a few dollars, not hundreds or thousands.

We believe that someday EMF testing will be considered by mainstream medicine as the first protocol to being healed from any illness.

Over the weekend, I had a new client from Santa Monica, California. She informed me that the City of Santa Monica holds EMF testing to be so important to health that it is now funding EMF testing for every resident of Santa Monica.

If everyone knew how harmful EMF is to health, our receptionists at ELEXANA would be overwhelmed with callers.

So, what does an EMF testing cost? Just give us a ring @ (212) 706-1252 and we work to provide you a fee. It’s a pleasure to discuss this with you.

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Is Your Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) Real?

Medical Disclaimer: The following article is meant to be strictly educational. It is in no way meant to diagnose, be a diagnostic tool, or offer any form of medical treatment. If you have any of the symptoms mentioned, we first advise you to see your medical doctor or a licensed physician.


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A.K.A. Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, EMF Sensitive, Electromagnetic Field Senstiive, EHS, Electosensitivity, Electrical Sensitivity, Radio Frequency Intolerance, EMF Allergic, Electromagnetic Awareness, Electro-Sensitivity

  • Are people gaming the system by claiming they have EHS just to get out of working for a living? I am sure there are.

  • Are people who have various psychological adaptive disorders claiming they have EHS? I’m sure there are.

  • Are people claiming to have EHS who are actually sensitive to strong electromagnetic fields? I have no doubt.

So much time and money has gone into trying to disprove that EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity) actually exists. Why so much effort? What would it imply if EHS were a real physical health issue and not a mental health issue? What would it mean if the numbers of EHS people were growing? (...and, they do appear to be increasing each year.)

If you are reading this page, you are most likely aware of the "scientific" studies that claim that EHS seems to be nothing more than an imagined phenomena. Are all those suffering from EHS delusional, insane? Is there yet an unidentified group suffering from EHS who don't even realize it or are in denial?

Do you often feel an unexplainable pressure inside your skull, tingling or heat sensations on your skin, unexplainable rashes, sudden heart palpitations, insomnia, vertigo, dizziness, or constant fatigue?

Do you have a thyroid condition, premature cataracts, headaches only when you are home or at the office, ADHD, short-term memory lapses, mood shifts, adrenal stress, or any strange symptom which the doctors can't pinpoint the cause?

All of these experiences or symptoms have been shown to be possibly caused by entering a powerful electromagnetic field or from prolonged exposure to an electromagnetic field. People who can feel these fields or experience discomfort often are identified as having EHS (Electro-Hypersensitivity) or, as we prefer: EMF (electromagnetic field radiation) Sensitivity. Some don't like this term, either. Call it what you will: EMF Awareness, EMF Affected, etcetera.

Electromagnetic fields are created by such devices as WiFi routers, cell phones, cell tower transmitters, power lines, home wiring errors, hybrid cars, and much more. According to what I've read, persons with EMF Sensitivity are estimated to comprise 3-5% of the population. We see this number increasing and could possibly be much higher due to both the growing awareness of EMF health effects and the constant addition of new wireless technologies. 

We have noticed that those who claim to be sensitive or aware of EMF usually began feeling this energy in their early to mid-forties (although lately, we're encountering more and more clients in their thirties and twenties.) Most can relate back to a time in their lives when they spent long periods of time within or nearby strong electromagnetic fields.

I was in my mid-forties when I first began presenting signs of EMF Sensitivity. The first thing I noticed was that I could no longer speak with the cell phone up against my ear. I would get a sharp pain in the eardrum area. I could still use the phone's speaker to converse, but it seemed that as time went by, I'd have to hold the phone further and further away.

I also noticed that while walking around NYC, I would suddenly get a very sharp pain in my head. If I looked up and around, there would be a cell transmitter very close by, every single time! As the months went by, I noticed that there continued to be a 100% correlation between my getting this sharp pang of pain and there being a nearby transmitter.

This was an awful realization. These transmitters are everywhere! In the subways, everyone has a cell phone turned ON! Now, this was starting to become a little unnerving. 

For me, depending on my level and time of exposure, these symptoms were: an uncomfortable pressure in my cerebral cortex and occipital lobe areas, insomnia, concentration issues, short-term memory lapses, occasional vertigo, occasional loud ringing in the ears, unexplainable rashes, headaches, sharp pain in the head region. 

Before beginning, let's make this perfectly clear: all of us are adversely effected by EMFs. Growing numbers are suffering from uncomfortable physical symptoms to illness due to EMF. I have tested many homes of those who claim to have EMF Sensitivity. Where certain clients felt the most discomfort was where the levels were the highest.

As already indicated, I'm aware of the studies where they say the "data" proves that this is purely psychosomatic and idiopathic. For me, the pain was so real, it was difficult to believe that this was made up by my subconscious. Yes, anything is possible when it comes to the tricks the mind can play. But, what explained the times when I got the sharp pang without foreknowing that a cell transmitter was very close and pointed right at me?

Fortunately, I understand the scientific method and process. I looked into every single one of these "studies" which claimed that EHS was "bunk." What did I uncover?

Every single one of these "studies" that claim to disprove EHS had a least one flaw in either their assumption, method, or interpretation of the data. To add: any person who has studied statistics or the scientific method knows that a clever person can create a "study" to prove or disprove just about anything!

So the concept of replicability enters the scientific testing protocols for verifiability. If an experiment cannot be replicated, then its conclusions cannot be taken seriously.

Well, firstly, all pain is in the head! It's our brains that receive the signals from the irritated nerves and then registers these sensations as pain.

In the case where someone says that they felt pressure from the microwaves and then 10 seconds later did not, when they were exposed again, does not conclude that this person was making their sensitivity up. And, for a scientist to make this conclusion only provides us the fact that they do not understand the nature of EHS, at all.

If the nerves within the surrounding fine tissue containing trace amounts of metals such as copper, iron, silver, and others are irritated and that fine tissue now becomes swollen in reaction to the irritation, the nerves may be unable to differentiate a second exposure If the surrounding tissue remains swelled, it will feel like one continuous pressure.

In another study showing someone who was "proven" to be duped by a placebo exposure to electromagnetism while they are sitting nearby the testing machine with its two-pronged plug In the nearby wall outlet, while having their feet near the wall containing 120 volts running through Romex cable, and while being in a room filled with fluorescent lighting is just another of the idiotic "conclusive scientific experiments" that only proves the scientists' lack of an understanding of EHS.

Because we all have different levels of metals in our tissues and we all have different levels each day, these sorts of tests are impossible to replicate. 

None of these "studies" are worth a nickel. If I'm in a room with someone who claims they are EMF sensitive and I'm feeling something and they tell me they are feeling the same thing in the exact same place as what I am feeling, well then, that's good enough for me. Period!

And, please don't get me started on studies coming from "third-party independent labs." People can be so gullible when it comes to the science and medical industry. 

Our experience has been verified by scientific studies proving that there are many consistencies between chemical toxicity and EMF toxicity. One significant result is that both interfere with calcium ion (Ca2+) motility and signaling in the body. This interference has a direct effect not only on our neurology but also on our immune function. It appears that chemical and EMF sensitivity are natural results of becoming over-exposed to particular environmental stressors or toxins. 

The human body is capable of sensing the lowest levels of electromagnetism. Dr. Robert O. Becker (The Body Electric) demonstrated that the human body is sensitive to a direct electrical stimulation down to nearly 100 nano-amperes.  A nano-amp is a billionth of an amp or 0.0000000001 amps. A typical American wall-outlet can handle 15-20 amperes. Today, Mount Sinai Hospital is using electrical stimulation of just a few hundred nano-amps to accelerate bone cell regeneration. 

Now, if you take the cellular signal broadcasted by my iPad mini retina display and measure it with one of our professional meters, the radio frequency radiation emissions read a max-hold at 38.16 milli-amperes per meter (mA/m). Considering that this energy is from an area field dispersion of amperage and not a direct stimulation, as used by doctors at Mt. Sinai, this translates as much more than 38 million times higher than the lowest levels our bodies can naturally detect. Keep in mind, this is just the energy level measured from one isolated iPad, not 80+ cell phones in a crowded subway car!

With a simple electrician's multi-meter or our skin-voltage monitor, we can see that the skin will react to electromagnetic fields with a strength as low as a thousandth of a volt, but the test subject will not consciously feel anything on their skin until it gets to many volts.

To elucidate even further on how sensitive we are to the smallest amounts of microsimulation from electromagnetism, Guy Doron and Michael Brecht published a work in 2015 titled, "What Single-Cell Stimulation Has Told Us About Neural Coding." 

In this report they state, "The later development of intracortical microstimulation (ICMS), a technique in which trains of short (100–200 ms) constant electrical pulses of small current intensities (1–100mA) are delivered extracellularly via a microelectrode at rates of tens to hundreds of Hertz, enabled a more reliable activation of localized populations of neurons and directly influenced sensory perception, movement, and cognition."

Yes. Science is speaking. So, actually, we are all hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields. We see this proved almost every day. If you had your skin-conductance tested while entering the most common and casual electromagnetic fields such as one emitted by a table lamp, the voltage on your skin, from head to toe, would instantly and reactively increase with every inch you moved closer to the center of this EMF source. This is why it is so critical in our work that we mitigate the fields closet to our clients; the fields created within their own homes and workplaces. 

So many with EMF sensitivity feel that it's just not fair that some of us can become so affected by electromagnetism while the greater majority (95-98%) do not sense or feel it at all. This is just another case where the old adage applies,"the world is just not fair." It's no joke, though, for those who suffer, often alone, with this health issue. Occasionally, I will hear that even a client's spouse thinks that they are just looney. Yes. It can be lonely, scary, and confusing.

There is hope. There is definitely a way to lessen this sensitivity. Removing trace metals from the blood takes time, but clients have done it. EMF Sensitivity of the skin tissues can be lessened also, but this takes a little longer. Discharging trace metals from the brain area just takes even longer; usually 6-12 months. There is a way to metaphorically bloom like the colorful lotus blossom pictured above and rise from those feelings of being oppressed and burdened by EMF that are everywhere you go. 


 Coping with the overt symptoms of EMF Sensitivity begins on the cellular level. 


Of course, none of us can consciously sense levels as low as a few hundred nano-amps, but there is mounting scientific evidence that conscious sensitivity to higher levels is a natural result of one having higher than normal trace metals or even naturally occurring biogenic magnetite in their tissues. The later was a result of a study by Caltech's Joseph Kirschvink, in 1992. 


Here, Kirschvink reveals that we all have ferromagnetic magnetite (Fe3O4) in our brain tissue and throughout our bodies. Iron not only acts as an antennae for electromagnetism, but it magnifies its intensity. 

In 1975, Allen Frey demonstrated that continuous exposure to microwaves at power densities as low as 30 micro-watts can weaken fine membranes such as the blood-brain barrier (BBB). A permeable BBB will allow larger sized trace-heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, aluminum, lead, antimony, and others, to penetrate the BBB. These metals can easily latch onto nearby magnetite and add to the already naturally occurring antennae.

Eberhard et al (2008) report that two-hour exposures to cell phone GSM microwave RF resulted in leakage of albumin across the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and in neuron damage. Neuronal albumin uptake was significantly correlated with the occurrence of damaged neurons when measured at 28 days post-exposure. The lowest exposure level was 0.12 mW/kg (0.00012 W/kg) for two hours. The highest exposure level was 120 mW/kg (0.12 W/kg). The weakest exposure level showed the greatest effect in opening the BBB, and in neuron damage and death. https://www.elexana.com/news/2017/12/22/cell-phone-study-drastically-lowers-safety-thresholds

Why do I say, "Naturally occurring antenna?" Because in 2016, the same Joseph Kirschvink proved that we use, and probably have always instinctively used, our magnetite to sense polarity changes in the Earth's magnetic fields to aid in our brain's awareness of daytime's short waves shifting to night time's much longer waves. When this connection is made, the pineal gland is signaled to begin production of melatonin, which most of you know makes us become sleepy.

Once trace-metals magnetically attach to magnetite, they may become more difficult to extricate from the brain, but this is still possible. The folks at www.elexana.com have a program that helps.

  1. It's best for everyone to reduce their exposure to electromagnetic fields, especially powerful ones. The first phase of our program is to lower the electromagnetic field within close proximity of the body while sleeping so that the electromagnet created within the brain has a weakened force. This, ipso facto weakens the magnetic force holding the trace metals to the magnetite. It is while we are asleep that our brain fluids help cleanse the brain.

  2. The human body has the ability to fight off bacteria and foreign proteins, to a point. It also works to emit any inorganic materials that it determines to be harmful. This brings us to the second phase; to give the body the proper supportive nutrients it needs to facilitate the body's efforts to release or transport heavy metals and all other toxins from its cells.

  3. The third phase is to give you the tools and techniques to maintain a lower skin-body voltage on the epidermal and dermal levels, throughout the day. We guide you towards foods and drink that facilitate both the expulsion of toxins and consult on ways to take in less. We suggest various methods for you to move from Sympathetic ON.

We help give your body the chance to heal. The process takes time, but it has proven to be effective.

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I'm Looking For a New Home: Should I Buy an EMF Meter?


Every day, I get asked this question. Too often I encounter people causing themselves unnecessary stress and anxiety because they recently self-tested their home using an amateur meter and are consequently freaking out because of the high measured levels. 

Many EMF meters are so inaccurate that the readings are just ridiculous. If they would have used those precious funds to pay for a legitimate EMF home testing, then they would have avoided so much anxiety. 

Further, don't fall for these EMF online salespeople (and, just recently I learned of another EMF Consulting company, I dare not mention.) They'll sell you a grounding pad, harmonizer, phone sticker, pendant, RF blocking hat, or some other hoax waste of money without even flinching.

Some people we encounter are so sensitive to EMF that they ARE the meter. When they enter a powerful electromagnetic field they immediately begin to feel uncomfortable. He/she may feel tingling on their bodies, heat sensations, pain or pressure in the head or spine, nausea, vertigo, tinnitus, racing pulse, and more.

For EMF sensitive or just health-conscientious people who are about to start looking for a new place to live, just using one's own sensory abilities is not the best way to go. 

There is a big difference between having to remediate from ELF (an extremely low-frequency radiation field) and an RF (radio frequency or microwave field.)

Most who are sensitive to EMF cannot differentiate the fields. They just feel what they feel. For this reason, I recommend purchasing an Alpha Labs UH2S Gaussmeter and an EMFields Acoustimeter at www.slt.co

Use discount code: Elexana-SLT

These are accurate lower level meters that won't break the bank, have excellent sensors, and are very easy to learn how to use.

To have an EMF technician test every property you are interested in can be cost prohibitive. Via an EMF phone consultation, I can guide you in using these meters correctly, record the data, and report back to me. With this information, we can discuss and assess each property, together. It's not like having me with your testing, but it will suffice.

Remember, this would only be a basic testing. It is not nearly as in depth and thorough as a full home EMF testing such as the one you would receive from ELEXANA or from one of the few competent EMF testing consultants in North America.

If I were not an EMF Consultant myself and in the market for a new home, I would definitely buy those meters I mentioned previously and before flopping down that big down-payment and signing the contract, I would hire an EMF Consultant to do a complete examination of the property and home. Often, the electrical wiring mistakes alone which I find can be put back on the owner. These costs saved are oftentimes less than the EMF testing cost itself.

We have a small list of the few companies we can recommend to you which may be nearby your location.  

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Using an EMF Grounding Mat? Don't Be Duped.

Are you using or thinking about buying an EMF Grounding Mat or Pad? 

It's unbelievable that so many health "experts" are selling and/or recommending these dangerous gimmicks and awful wastes of money. I'm seeing such convincing salesmen on YouTube and the rest of the internet peddling all kinds of products with "slight-of-hand" videos and authoritative claims based in incorrect science.

Yes. Another good one is the satisfaction or money back guarantee. medical science testing has shown that the placebo effect can be up to 50%. So, you just spent a boat-load of money…of course, you would want it to work. 

Be gentle on yourself. Unless someone has put exhaustive study time into understanding how electromagnetic fields actually function and what they are, it is quite understandable that anyone could be duped. Once we learn about the harmful effects of EMFs (or, even worse, we begin to experience them for ourselves) then it's a set-up to becoming vulnerable to all the various scams.

A professional EMF testing and consultation will potentially save you from years of ill health and EMF scams. It's more than a testing, it's an education that will last a lifetime.

In other words, the Body-Skin voltage test will show that your voltage reading is zero. But, this is where most get fooled. If we also measure the current passing over your skin, it will be considerable and the frequency of this current will usually register in the VLF range, above 2 kilohertz.

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Schumann Resonance Devices: Beware All Shoppers

Think of a music hall where a certain sound frequency resonates better than any other. This is what the Schumann Resonance is like. It is an inaudible sympathetic resonating vibration @ 7.83 hertz. It is not the same as the frequency projected by an electronic gadget. This is just adding an electromagnetic field to your environment and not blocking anything.

There are many other ways to make your home safe. Call us for an EMF testing and consultation. It will be worth every penny. It will provide generational information to make you and your family healthier and safer.

To make an appointment, please call: (212) 706-1252

At Bedtime, Powering OFF Your WiFi is Good For Everyone and Your Modem, Too.

Before bedtime, power OFF your WiFi and all wireless devices. This will improve your sleep function and cause the magnetic build-up in the modem to dissipate. It will only take a couple minutes to power UP in the morning. This will improve your modem's function providing less latency and helping it to run smoother and faster. And, your electric bill will be lower. WIN, WIN, WIN!

Contact us for easy ways to make this happen.


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ELEXANA's Secret to Healing

During the Bubonic Plague, medical professionals scurried to find a vaccine or chemical cure, with no success. Eventually, a simple suggestion to test the water supply pointed towards the answer. Going literally "upstream" to discover a contaminated water supply, caused by rat feces and decaying carcasses, pointed to the cause. 

Following this common sense tradition, ELEXANA is the first "upstream" natural health and wellness company in the world. Using common sense science first, we're solving some very common diseases previously thought to be incurable, such as; insomnia, GERD, and more. Our unprecedented success rate continues to prove our thought process correct.

Because most people can't conceive of things that have been around as long as electromagnetism and common household products as being harmful, especially because there are so many "studies" claiming that these "pose no ill-health effects," we find that these everyday toxins are usually over-looked. 

At ELEXANA, we have seen time and time again that reducing the power density of electromagnetic fields and improving the indoor air quality in one's home and place of business plays a major role in the unprecedented success our health and wellness programs are seeing.

Google's motto is, "Do no harm." (Wasn't this also Star Trek's motto?)  Retooling this motto is the first step towards improving your health: take away what is doing YOU harm. If you don't "believe" that prolonged exposure to strong or high levels of electromagnetism is causing you harm, then dig deeper into the other side of the scientific argument. Watch some videos on our research page. Or, just try our services and witness how much better you feel.

Powering OFF your WiFi and other wireless devices at bedtime are not only healthy for you and your family but is actually good for your devices, too. Yes, the magnetic build-up in your modem will dissipate the electromagnetic interference (EMI) thus improving its function when you power it back ON. This EMI, which we can also measure while it travels at light speed in your room, using units V/m3 (Volts per meter-cubed), will no longer be affecting you from this source. 

If your cell phone (originally called a microwave transmitter) wasn't significantly powerful, then why are you demanded by the airline pilot to place it on "airplane mode" prior to the landing gear being engaged? Why are there "NO Cell Phone" signs in certain hospital wings? 


Electroencephalograms (EEG) have shown that our brains can detect electromagnetism down to billionths of an amp? Do you honestly believe that an electronic device is more sensitive than your brain? If EMI can effect the electronics of landing gear, then it can effect your own internal electronics. (Electronics is Latin for electrons.)

ELEXANA starts at the beginning. We don't start backward by treating symptoms hoping that the illness will go away if the client begins feeling better or "shows signs of improvement." (By the way, did you know that the placebo effect using medications can be up to 50%!) We simply take away those things that may be causing your body harm and then provide you with lifestyle suggestions and nutritional improvements that will give your body the best chance to do what it is genetically programmed: to heal itself.

There are no long lists of ill-side effects caused by doing exercise and eating a salad!

We don't profess to have all the answers, but for the few common health problems we claim to be able to help you with, working together with you, we are successfully getting the job done.

One client said, "What do I have to lose, I will end up healthier than when I started the program?" True. But, just being healthier is not enough. We aim to help solve your health problems and for you to thrive.

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Cell Phone GPS on Airplane Mode

As a passenger in a truck or automobile, you are already receiving quite a bit of electromagnetism from the engine's electromagnetic field, especially if it's a hybrid vehicle. Most readers are already aware that reflective surfaces will increase your electromagnetic field radiation exposure, due to the ricochet effect, so why would you ever want your cell phone set on cellular and add to this electro-schmutz?

Not every vehicle has a built-in navigation GPS system. So, what do you do if you are lost while driving? Yes, you can use you phone's GPS if you have location services activated. Just set your phone on "airplane mode." 

In airplane mode, your phone is not sending/receiving electromagnetic particle-waves, benignly termed "signals," from the nearest microwave transmitters (A.K.A. Cell Towers). With location services enabled, your phone's location is being tracked by satellite and the GPS app will still work. There is still some increase to the already present EMF field, but less than when the phone is on the cellular setting.

This is all a compromise; using the lesser of evils in a pinch, but you will be able to calmly find your destination and avoid distractions that could cause an accident.

Real Estate Adventures and EMF Radiation Chapter 1

With the repletion of education and information that the internet provides, EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation has increasingly become a topic of concern; especially when it comes to buying a new home.

US government safety standards for EMF radiation are no longer taken seriously by informed Americans. Powerline AC Magnetic Fields or ELF (Extremely Low-Frequency Radiation) and cell tower transmitter RF (Radio Frequency or Microwave Radiation) emissions are becoming the foremost concern among a growing number of home buyers.

What does today's real estate agent, attorney, or home buyer need to know? First, America has no official public safety limit or distance due to EMF radiation for how close a property can be to a power line or cell tower transmitter. Anyone who wants to employ an excessive level of EMF for their cause or reason to be released from their responsibilities agreed to by contract will not prevail in a court of law.

Therefore, good advice for an inexperienced buyer is to have the desired property assessed before entering into a purchase agreement. It costs a lot less money and aggravation to have a home tested for EMF than it costs to break a signed contract.

Here's a story of a situation that occurred a few months ago. A man, interested in buying a house on a few acres in southwestern New Jersey, requested an EMF Testing. He shared that he had just shown the house to his brother who remarked that the power lines crossing through the backyard "looked nasty" and that the property should be assessed for EMF radiation. The new caller admitted that he had knew little about EMF radiation but wanted to have the property tested before moving his young family into this new home.

I tested the AC Magnetic Fields (ELF); the frequencies in the EMF spectrum associated with power line energy. The readings were elevated throughout the property.  Unforeseen, there was actually another power line running underground just beneath the front yard that caused elevated magnetic levels inside this house. The lines out back consequently affected the large backyard where the boys would be playing.

In the written EMF Report, he received all measured and recorded data, safety standards from countries outside the US, and a link to the BioInitiative.org website.

The next day, I received a phone call from his lawyer. She summoned, "Based on your expert opinion, what is your safety limit for ELF radiation?" I asked her why was she was phoning me, and not my client, and if this conversation was being recorded. She said, "Yes." 

She divulged that our mutual client had already signed a contract with the owner, prior to our first contact. Oh, boy.

The client had apparently gone to the owner with his EMF Report. The owner then replied that none of this was his concern. (Nice guy, huh?) If the client didn't want the house, then he would lose his money. That's when he called a friend's attorney.

I emailed my client to phone me. He shared that the owner would not let him test the property unless he paid a $1000 deposit towards the signing fees and that this money was not refundable.

My response surprised him. I said that if you are looking for me to testify that the EMF radiation on this property, according to US standards, is not safe, then he is mistaken. (I was clear in my report to him that this property was within US government safety standards for EMF.)

However, there was an easier way for him to be released from this contract. Because the owner would not let him test the property for EMF unless he signed a contract and paid monies, he technically entered this contract under duress. Therefore, the contract could be dismissed.

There are four lessons learned from this story:

1) You have the right to test your prospective dream home for electromagnetic radiation. 

2) You should have the home tested before entering into a signing contract. It could save you money and aggravation in the long-run.

3) Real Estate agents should know that if they maintain their integrity and look out for their clients' best interests, then they will not only sleep better at night, but will build a dependable, faithful, and loyal client base for referrals.

4) When in doubt, definitely have your home tested for electromagnetic field radiation. It could save you and your family's life.

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Ancient Chinese Meditation


It costs you nothing and can bring you many invaluable benefits.

It can help you achieve a state of calmness and center.

It can bring you to a state of parasympathetic-off.

It can help heal your brain by increasing Theta brainwaves.

It can help repair the adrenal glands and the thyroid.

It can help the lymphatic system flow.

It can help the body release heavy metals.

It can help relieve pain. 

It can increase your both your I.Q. and emotional intelligence.

It can lower your stress and your blood pressure.

It can increase electron flow to your meridians.

It can increase your life-force.

It can prolong your life.

It can bring you peace.

 This simple meditation is one of the oldest. I hope to share more, in the future.

This simple meditation is one of the oldest. I hope to share more, in the future.

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Being able to achieve a state of calmness is essential for anyone trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle or heal from an illness. Integrating meditation into your life will certainly have multiple benefits. My meditation teacher, Dr. T.K. Shih, rest his soul, claimed that not only would it ensure your mental and physical health, but it would also increase your intelligence. It will most certainly increase your emotional I.Q. 

Here is an article I published years ago. I hope that it brings you some peace. Meditation is one of the most important healthy elements in my life. If you develop a good practice, it will be for you, also.

Silence: The Quality of Being

"Let silence take you to the core of life."
- Jalaluddin Rumi


Today, making the rare mid-morning cup of Earl Grey tea brought back memories of years devoted to meditation. Recalling just how difficult the first six months of daily practice were; trying to sit in silence, quieting the mind.

It seems like another lifetime. I remember how seemingly impossible and improbable the endeavor was, as well as frustrating.

Why was my mind so absurdly difficult to control? Like an R.E.M. dream state, miscellaneous thoughts would pop up or fade in with the slightest provocation. Self-possessed, my mind would latch on to something that happened in the past or ponder tasks that needed to get done. This failure to quiet the mind was proof enough that I may have thought I was awake when my eyes were open, but actually, I was still very much asleep.

It could be safe to say that most of us think we are awake, while going about our affairs, but are also living and functioning in a similar dream state, more or less; letting the mind drift from one thought to the next. Or, at times fixating on an issue or event mistaken as focus, concentration, or clarity of thought.

Describing silence, an impossible task, is a Zen Koan unto itself. Often, it is defined by what it is not - the absence of sound. In the case of meditation, it is the absence of secondary thought or psychological or psychic noise. It's a state of quietude, a still mind. It is the condition of being, existing, breathing. It is unfathomable, limitless, and boundless.

The concept of a silent mind has intrigued seekers for thousands of years. In Psalm 62, of the Old Testament, we find: "For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation."

Isadore Twersky, Orthodox Rabbi, and Harvard Professor states in his Introduction to the Code of Maimonides: "One must be attuned to the silences."


The first line of the Tao De Ching: "The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao."

The Tao is Silent and ever present. It is the infinite void. But most importantly, emptiness has potential; like an empty urn ready to be filled.

This ready vessel or prepared mind invites knowingness, consciousness, creativity, truth, and love. It intuitively comprehends the "known" that has no name, words, or teachings.

The Tao recommends: "Do Nothing, but leave nothing undone."

This quote is one of my all time favorites! Every time it's revisited, a deeper meaning is uncovered.

The brilliance is in the first part: "Do Nothing." It is the silence. The quiet. The peacefulness. The release and relief from striving. It is the sureness, the certainty, the stillness of calm reserve, natural confidence and composure. It is Joseph Campbell's "infinite moment."


Silence is the moment that is freedom.

Intimate knowledge and the mental resources to tap into this silence give us the ability to thrive in every moment, with vibrancy and freshness. To see an event as unique and distinct, without history or prejudice, judgement or fear. To see that it is perfect with all of its various imperfections.

With this understanding, the reader can begin practicing "walking meditation" or, in other words: live each moment with consciousness. This way of mindfulness requires intelligence and attentiveness. With humility and self-awareness, it is possible.

From the 7th century, we have a poetic recount of the benefits of an attentive mind.

"Silence is the mystery of the world to come. Speech is the organ of this present world. More than all things love silence: it brings you a fruit that the tongue cannot describe. In the beginning, we have to force ourselves to be silent. But then from our very silence is born something that draws us into deeper silence. May God give you an experience of this 'something' that is born of silence. If you practice this, inexpressible light will dawn upon you."

—Bishop Isaac of Nineveh, On Ascetical Life

From silence comes an indescribable and alluring feeling; bearing witness to grandeur and wonder, a dimension with a life of its own.

Silence is the quality of being.


ELF Radiation: Things We'd Never Think Of

Here is the unedited version of an article I wrote for my friend Scott Harris's business newsletter, published a few months ago. I hope you glean some new information from this to help you and your family thrive. Here is Scott's business webpage: Scott Harris

The last thing that most of us would ever think of while we're trying to decide where to position the heirloom furniture in our wonderful new apartment that Brown, Harris, Stevens Residential Real Estate just landed us is how far away from a dimmer switch we need to place our favorite chair. Most of us would never wonder if the lamps, alarm clocks, gadgets, and devices we keep at our bedside are having an effect on the quality of our sleep. "Of course not! No one has ever announced this as a problem in the evening news. I've never heard of this hullabaloo!" 

That's right. You probably never have.

Some of you may be old enough to remember your parents impatiently cautioning for the umpteenth time, "Children, please don't sit so close to the television set!" We'd move back thinking that this new viewing spot just wasn't as much fun. 

Our parents were just trying to protect us from the very real and proven hazards of ELF (Extremely Low-Frequency Radiation.)  Back then, the dangers were more in our society's consciousness than they are now. This energy has been proven in thousands of verifiable studies to cause us all kinds of harm; from cancer and neurological disease to infertility, memory loss, chronic fatigue syndrome. and depression.

So, you might say,"But, Jim, we don't have televisions with tubes in them anymore. What's the big deal?"  Yes. That's right. Most of us don't, but we do have other things in our home that can emit very high levels of ELF radiation. The good news is that it only takes us moving a couple feet away from a high ELF source to become safe.

Here are just a few tips to help make you and your loved ones much safer in your home from ELF:

  1. Place your comfortable chair a few feet away from any light/dimmer switch or wall outlet.

  2. When using a kitchen appliance such as a blender or toaster, stand a couple feet away once you've pushed the ON button.

  3. Toss out that old microwave oven. If the seals are worn, then you are literally slow cooking your neurons.

  4, Move those electrical cords under your desk as far away from your feet as possible.

  5. Avoid sitting near your circuit breaker box.

I encourage you to become more aware and informed of the possible ill-health effects of all electromagnetic fields. There's enough conclusive and verified proof out there that we should all start implementing ways to reduce our exposure. I'm here to help. 

A little knowledge can go a long way towards improving your health and/or preventing a serious illness. I wish you well.

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Why I Wear Leather-Soled Shoes: The Answer May Surprise You

People who know me, know that I like a good pair of shoes. The reason I like wearing leather-soled shoes may surprise you.

As most New Yorkers are aware, there are at least a few electrocutions in the city each year due to someone not wearing rubber-soled shoes. In the morning, businesses hose down the sidewalks out front of their entrances. If a faulty extension cord or an electrical arc activates water on a sidewalk and then someone comes in contact with this water while wearing a shoe that doesn't have rubber soles, the result can often be fatal. 

For this reason, when I go to meet my BNI One friends at the Cornell Club in Midtown at 7 AM on Wednesdays, I usually will wear my rubber-soled Allen Edmunds. Otherwise, I wear my leather-soled Allen Edmonds. 9.5 E or 10 D in case you'd like to buy me a new pair ;)

Why the leather? Well, as we go through the day, our bodies accumulate voltage in our bodies. This voltage comes from the frequent contact we have throughout the day to various electromagnetic fields. In NYC, this happens just about every minute of the day. 

If we are wearing a rubber-soled shoe, then we end up carrying this excess electromagnetism because rubber is non-conductive. This electric charge will not dissipate but rather be stored in our bodies. Holding this unnatural charge will eventually wear us down because our adrenals have been over-stimulated for many hours. If you are already EMF Sensitive, then you will find yourself getting incredible headaches, tingling sensations in the skin, tinnitus, and more. 

The leather soles allow the voltage to pass through us and dissipate into the sidewalk or ground. It sounds strange, I know, but it really does work this way.

If I'm wearing my rubber-soled walking shoes in Central Park, I will occasionally grasp onto a metal fence post that is planted into the ground or even take my shoes off and just stand in the grass. I am not only dissipating any electromagnetism that has built up in my body, but I'm adding healthy electrons from the Earth. You can also get healthy electrons by putting your hands on a tree. Remember the "tree huggers" in the Sixties? 

You won't see me hugging a tree, but you will see me leaning against one or running barefoot in the grass after Scooter, our Boston Terrier. 

So, yes, there's nothing like a great pair of leather-soled Allen Edmonds shoes to relieve my body from electromagnetic accumulation due to the constant EMF exposure accrued by living in the Big Apple.

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Smart Meters: The Frog and the Kettle

Recently, a professional woman living and working from her home in Midtown, NYC shared her concerns that the co-op board in her building had just passed a vote to install Smart Meters for every apartment in her building. She had read somewhere that Smart Meters were harmful because they gave off EMFs. She admitted to not knowing much about EMFs. This is the case for 99% of all Americans. 

Apparently, now, there is no escape from Smart Meters for New Yorkers. Yes, many any of us city-folk have incorrectly presumed that these noxious devices were a location-specific affliction limited to the American Suburb. At this moment, their epidemic virus-like installation is being naively approved by an alarmingly increasing number of co-op and condo boards throughout our fair city. 

Since when did New Yorkers become so gullible that we just take anyones' word for anything, especially a corporation's word?

Your local Power Company's sales representative will tell you that Smart Meters operate or function within US safety standard guidelines. Yes, this is not a lie. What he doesn't tell you is that US government safety standard guidelines for electromagnetic fields are 80 years out-dated and happen to be the worst safety standards in the world. (Read: The Body Electric, by Robert O. Becker for the EMF back-story.) 

Well, here's the modern truth: Smart Meters are not safe. In fact, they may be even more harmful than that cell tower down the block or the power line running under your sidewalk. Do you really need another randomly pulsed electromagnetic field pummeling your brain and body 24/7? 

Last night, I watched a live Facebook video podcast where the guest health expert answered a viewer's question about what to do about her recent sleeping problems that were presumably caused by a newly installed Smart Meter. The health expert replied, "Distance is your friend." (Granted, this was not this particular expert's field of competence. She meant well, though the answer was not quite correct.)

"Distance is your friend," is a cliche that we EMF consultants use for the remediation of ELF (Extremely Low Frequency Radiation) but, not RF (Radio Frequency Radiation.) In the case of a Smart Meter, you would have to get nearly a 1/4 mile to a mile, or in metric distances; 0.4 to 1.6 kilometers further distance; depending on which random pulse among billions per second you wanted to avoid. To follow this poorly advised EMF remediation recommendation would have been quite difficult for that sleepy questioner because she would have to pick up and move her entire house or apartment building. (I hope you found this funny. For our own health, we all need to laugh, often; even when things look grim.)

Radio Frequency radiation requires EMF shielding. In the case of a Smart Meter, you can shield from the back-side of the meter, but not the front. If you put a screen mesh over the front, then the signals can't be connected to other Smart meters on the grid. The power company will be alerted and will then proceed to sending someone out to tear off your RF shielding mesh. If you persist, then you will be charged with a fine or a summons to appear in court for destruction of property; even if the meter is barnacled onto the wall outside your home or one is pointed at your home.

Another issue is that even if you shield the back of the meter, then a part of your projected signal can still reflect back on to you from your next door neighbor's wall, albeit with lesser intensity. You are also being pulsed by other Smart Meters in your proximity. Shielding for Smart Meters is somewhat akin to "putting your finger in the dike."

Dr. Martin Blank, PhD, Columbia University, tells the story of the frog and the kettle of water cooking on the stove. If the water is boiling and you throw a frog in, it will immediately jump out of the kettle. But, if the flame is on simmer and the water heats very slowly, then the frog will be comfortably cooked to death. Dr. Blank equates our current EMF health dilemma to the second instance.  (View the lecture here: RESEARCH.)

The following is a copy/paste/edit of an article I wrote a few years ago on the issue of how WiFi radio frequencies effect melatonin production and hence: sleep patterns. The same issue applies to Smart Meters. As you may already know, melatonin is integral for proper sleep function. It is also essential for our auto-immune response.

Earth's magnetic fields shift each day from short daytime waves to long night-time waves. Our brains instinctively sense this magnetic shift signaling our pineal glands to produce melatonin. In 2016, Dr. Joseph Kirschvink proved that our brains contain biogenic magnetite within the cerebral cortex and cerebellum fostering our brains' ability to sense the changes in polarity from shifts in Earth's magnetic fields.

The Smart Meter is the big and nasty cousin of the WiFi router. It typically sends a signal in the 902 - 932 MHz (Megahertz) to 2.4GHz (Gigahertz) range. This is a more penetrating frequency than just your average 2.4 GHz signal that can already penetrate through brick. 

Inside your modem are two WiFi signals. One is an adaptive modulating 42 bands between 2.401 GHZ- 2.495 GHz and the other is 5 GHz. Today, some modems range to 6 GHZ. 2.4 GHz means that the emitted signal has 2.4 billion short daytime-like EMF pulses per second (approximately 5 inches long) penetrating your body, 24/7. These are both particles and waves traveling at the speed of light, that are unevenly pulsed and electrically charged. They often have an upsetting effect on our sleep patterns by effecting Theta and Delta brainwaves. With their daytime-like short and rapid waves, WiFi and Smart Meter radiation can confound our pineal glands into perceiving that it is daytime thus stopping production of melatonin. This will eventually cause us to wake. Hence, we will not get the necessary sleep to grow and repair our cells. 

In NYC, if you add up the hundreds of WiFi's, thousands of cell phones and other wireless devices, residential cell towers within every quarter of a mile, and now Smart Meters to your proximity; it is a wonder that any one of us gets any sleep.

WiFi and Smart meters adversely effect your sleep function and your health. The big difference between a WiFi router and a Smart Meter is that you can power-off your WiFi at night, but you can't power-off the Smart Meter.

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