Electromagnetic Field Radiation: How and Why It Effects Your Health

by James Finn ©2017, 2018, 2019

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“Very recently, new research is suggesting that nearly all the human plagues which emerged in the twentieth century, like common acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children, female breast cancer, malignant melanoma and asthma, can be tied to some facet of our use of electricity. There is an urgent need for governments and individuals to take steps to minimize community and personal EMF exposures.” 


It has been proven many times over that a human biological cell does not have to be exposed to ionized (nuclear) radiation solely for it to be adversely affected by a human-made toxin. There are plenty of reputable peer-reviewed studies showing that various chemicals and materials, as well as non-ionizing (human-made) radiation, can have disruptive effects on biological cells.

With more than 4,000 scientific experiments and epidemiological studies conducted around the world, non-ionic electromagnetic field radiation has been proven to be harmful with prolonged exposure. Regardless of any study, there has never been a single study that observes the cumulative effect of many layered clusters of electromagnetic fields from various bands of the EMF spectrum, synergistically working together to effect a human being over a prolonged time, except for the epidemiological study that all of us have been participating in for many generations.

For the medical profession as a whole to not be focusing on electromagnetism and the consistencies to every disease known to our modern world has to be questioned. A little common sense science is desperately needed, today. What makes a chemical reaction but the comings and goings of electrons? What causes a cell to relinquish electrons and reverse its polarity? Fortunately, for all of us, there is a growing number of top medical doctors who are taking notice of the consistencies between the growing electromagnetic levels in American homes, our workplaces, supermarkets, transportation systems, schools, and just about everywhere else, with the growing numbers of diabetes, heart disease, neurological disease, cancer, infertility, thyroid disease, depression, suicide, violence, and more. Look deeper than social media and video games. Look deeper than diet and exercise. 👓Look at your electrons.

In 2016, the Swedish Government ranked cell phone radiation as a Group 1 Toxin along with cigarette smoke, uranium, and asbestos. In 2017, the U.S. Department of Health National Toxicology Program released that 2G and 3G caused malignant schwannomas on the hearts of male rats and malignant brain gliomas in some, as well as other problems among mice and rats. (See report link at the bottom of this page.) Do you not think that 4G LTE and 5G are not human-fabricated electromagnetism?

You could be fine one day, but because of the cumulative effect of prolonged exposure to strong electromagnetic fields, you could then suddenly present toxicity symptoms. Some people will present an allergic-like reaction, known as electrohypersensitivity (EHS) or EMF Sensitivity. Yes, it is similar to chemical sensitivity. Those with a chemical sensitivity will often prove sensitive to EMF. In my opinion, the published studies that I have read which claim to debunk EHS are riddled with very poor scientific methodology. I invite any challengers.

A non-ionizing electromagnetic field is typically the radiation emitted from power transmission lines, solar panels inverters, wind turbine inverters, hybrid car induction converters, cell tower transmitters, WiFi routers, mobile phones (originally termed microwave transmitters), smart meters, all wireless devices including bluetooth, stray neighborhood voltage and current, fluorescent, CFL lighting and wireless lightbulbs, and much more.

We have seen that an atom in a biological cell does not have to have an electron detached, by ionic radiation, in order for a cell to relinquish or release electrons. A non-ionizing source of magnetism can effect the spin of an electron and its quantum orbit. Stress on a cell will cause it to render electrons.

If AC Magnetic Fields can penetrate well below the surface of an ocean down to 10,000 feet below sea level and up into the ionosphere, then AC Magnetic Fields can very well penetrate you. (Nuclear explosions are contained by ocean water and can not enter the ionosphere.) Common sense: If an AC Magnetic Field effects the direction of electrons, (Zeeman and Stark effects) then why would a responsible scientist say that a strong AC Magnetic Field would have no effect on your own personal electrons? (Don’t confuse the magnetic flux of a DC Magnetic Field with a human-made AC Magnetic Field.)

Both chemical toxicity and EMF exposure have been shown to interfere with Calcium Ion (Ca2+) signaling and motility: necessary for intercellular communication and proper function as the transport mechanism responsible for bringing oxygen to your cells, termed oxygenation. We see EMF toxicity consistent with DNA mutation, auto-immune suppression, and hypoxia: lack of oxygen to cells.

Interruption to the body's Calcium Ion signaling and motility is one of the consistencies found among all Group 1 toxins, such as uranium, plutonium, asbestos, mercury, lead, cigarette smoke, arsenic, and Electromagnetic Fields (not yet considered a Group 1 toxin in most countries.)

According to studies conducted by Dr. Martin Pall, Ph.D., both calcium ion signaling and motility are interrupted by electromagnetism. Calcium ion signaling is how our cells communicate with each other. If cells cannot communicate appropriately, then cell apoptosis is interrupted. (Apoptosis is the DNA-programmed timely death of a cell. Apoptosis is necessary to make way for a new cell replacement.) If a cells does not get this timely signal, it will often mutate and then cannibalize healthy cells for its energy supply.

Calcium ion motility is the process by which calcium ions transport oxygen (O2) to our cells. Without O2, our cells cannot synthesize aerobic energy (ATP - adenosine triphosphate), thereby needing to rely on producing energy without O2, termed anaerobic energy. (Hmm…unaccountable muted cells making anaerobic energy, or no energy thereby resorting to cannibalize other cells for energy, recognized as foreign proteins causing stem-cell trophoblasts to form around them becoming a tumor… sounds like some modern theories for cancer. Doesn’t it?)

Also, our cells need O2 for their very survival. O2 molecules are electron donors who increase the voltage of our cells, raising their pH (potential for hydrogen, H+) to become more alkaline. Without this critical bond to biologically create water (H2O) during the tricarboxylic acid cycle (A.K.A. Krebs Cycle), our cells release electrons, lose their negative charge, begin to have a lowered pH, become more acidic, inflamed, and die. We can experience electrolyte stress overload due to a fluid/mineral imbalance and develop diseases such as: congestive heart failure, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, endocrine dysfunction, hypothyroidism, kidney failure, chronic fatigue, depression. The list goes on.

Other than the continuous stream of chemical pollutants that render your daily body burden is the additional undue stress that EMFs place on the smooth electron flow occurring within and around every cell in your body. Electromagnetism causes interference to biological cellular function akin to the electromagnetic interference (EMI) that occurs when radio frequencies couple with electronic wiring to electrically interrupt semiconductors and other delicate electronics within medical devices and airplane computer systems.

EMI is also why we see mitochondria dysfunction/damage in the presence of strong electromagnetic fields. (Mitochondria are integral to ATP cellular energy production. It all comes back to water and electrons.)

Prolonged exposure to Electromagnetic Fields has been shown to cause the breaking down of fine membranes in the body, such as the retina; causing premature cataracts, the intestinal lining; causing leaky gut syndrome, the placenta; causing miscarriages, and the blood-brain barrier (BBB); allowing heavy metals to enter the brain to cause cognitive issues and/or neurological disease.

When cells are stressed, they emit electrons which lower their voltage. A reduced voltage causes these stressed cells to have less oxygen (termed: oxidative stress) available for healthy cell life, a lower pH or acidic pH, and to produce free radicals that attack other cells. Lack of oxygen to cells in the gut, for example, allows unfriendly bacteria to flourish, parasites to feed and secrete inflammatory biofilm, and fungus to form in the blood; promoting harmful spirochetes. 

Yes, all of us are highly sensitive to electromagnetic fields. In reaction, our body's skin voltage will quickly rise and fall in direct relationship to the strength of these nearby energies. Our skin cells’ insulators normal resistance of 1,000-100,000 Ohms weaken if the frequency on our skin is increased to ≥ 1.5 KHz. (J. Patrick Reilly, M.I.T. Applied Bioelectricity.) Once an electric current passes the subcutaneous tissue, there are only 300 Ohms of resistance. Electric current moves from positive to negative. This human-made electrical current is then looking for what? …Electrons with a negative charge. Yes, that’s healthy blood cells and any healthy organ; a proverbial treasure-trove of electrons. Leukemia? Pancreatic cancer? This significant discovery, by J. Patrick Reilly, presents a strong justification why we should all limit any senseless exposure to pulsed radio frequencies and any electromagnetic interference which could couple on to our skin. We need to work towards mitigating airborne high-frequency electricity, especially in our schools, hospitals, and homes, namely; wireless emissions.

(Working in a wireless-free environment should be a right. In the old days, we had a designated section in our restaurants that was smoker-free. Someday, we will have office space that is wireless-free, until wireless tech in public spaces is finally outlawed and everyone is enjoying the incredibly high speeds of full-service fiber optic cable. “What about my phone?” - Get off of your phone and look where you are going! Look up. Make human contact with the person next to you. Seriously, you can text from your desktop, as well as make phone calls.)

Reactive electrical currents within the body cause stress on various acupuncture meridians and their corresponding organs. Heart rate, blood pressure, glucose and triglyceride levels will often increase reactively. A weakening of the intestinal lining may also occur, thus resulting in various digestive issues which have extensive implications.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or adrenal fatigue may develop if exposed to strong electromagnetic fields for prolonged periods. CFS can occur when the body tries to correct, what it perceives as an "unnatural attack" while sensing a high skin voltage from an AC Electric Field (E.) A high AC voltage on the epidermis induces the adrenal glands to secrete the "fight or flight" hormones: adrenaline, cortisol, and nor-ephedrine. Often, aldosterone production is inhibited, also. This can induce water retention, a water to salt imbalance, and kidney malfunction.

With frequent exposure to strong EMR, the adrenal glands eventually fatigue causing low energy, low productivity, and various ill-health effects. If the adrenal cortex is not making cortisol, a necessary fuel-source for the thyroid, then we may see adrenal failure leading to thyroid failure. Dr. Robert O. Becker relates this condition to promoting cancer.

This all makes perfect sense. If the thyroid produces T-3 (triiodothyronine) which supports the cell membranes electrical function and T-2 (diiodothyronine) which supports mitochondrial function, then cells will struggle to make aerobic energy.

Earth's magnetic fields shift each day from short daytime waves to long night-time waves which can be miles long. Our brains instinctively sense these magnetic shifts and signal our pineal gland to release melatonin. In 2016, Joseph Kirschvink proved that our brains contain biogenic magnetite within the cerebral cortex and cerebellum. This magnetite, Fe3O4, helps to foster our brains' ability to sense the changes in polarity during Earth's magnetic field shifts. Melatonin helps us fall asleep. It is also a neurotransmitter that signals our brains to replenish and grow new cells. Further, melatonin is the body’s most powerful auto-immune hormone. (I would avoid melatonin supplements and get on a program to begin making your own, naturally.)

The WiFi router, inside your modem, sends out 2.4 GHz or 2.4 billion small EMF waves (approximately 5 inches long) per second into our bodies, 24/7. These are digital, unevenly pulsed, and electromagnetically charged waves that can have an upsetting effect on our sleep patterns by effecting Theta and Delta brainwaves. With their daytime-like short and rapid waves, Wi-Fi radiation can confound our pineal glands into signaling that it is daytime thus ceasing production of melatonin; causing us to wake. In NYC, add to your proximity hundreds of Wi-Fi's, thousands of cell phones and other wireless devices, and residential cell towers within every quarter of a mile... it's a wonder any of us sleep through the night.  

In 2016, the National Toxicology Program of Sweden's National Institute of Health proved a "direct causal link" between cell phone radiation and cancer. 


Our New York City poses a unique electromagnetic field (EMF) environment. Because of our dense population, EMFs present an overlapping accumulative morphological effect found in few other places in the world. There have not been any health studies conducted to account for these kinds of profound accumulations of electromagnetism. Measuring and understanding these "EMF Super-Fields" require highly experienced city-based EMF testing skills.

Unfortunately, few New Yorkers are aware of their own EMF output. Cell phones can be much more invasive inside a subway car, elevator, or bus; due to the hard reflective surfaces. (I recently measured a max peak of 80,000 µW/m2 in a half-filled #2 Train subway car.)

WiFi in apartment buildings, cell towers, and smart meters can create hundreds of signals encroaching from 360 degrees and wiring errors can create strong AC magnetic fields. In NYC assessments, we often encounter a "perfect storm" of electromagnetic fields in a sickly person’s apartment. 


What is ELEXANA or Electron Health?

Latin: “et sanitas tua electrons”

ele-X-ana → health ≈ electron flow

ELEXANA इलेक्ट्रॉन स्वास्थ्य 電子健康 электрон здоровье 電子の健康 електронний стан здоров'я 전자 건강 صحة الإلكترون בריאות אלקטרונים Ηλεκτρονική υγεία

Every chemical reaction is a result of the coming and going of electrons. The electrons in every biological cell provide the spark that sustains and gives us life.

The flow of electrons within each acupuncture meridian provide an electrical flow of DC Direct Current (Yoshio Nakatani, 1956.) Your body’s delicate electrical system is no match for the intense electrical system in your home. AC alternating current is 120 Volts on each hot leg. This voltage is artificially produced sinusoidal and sawtooth waves with ramped-up frequencies due to harmonic transients caused by “electromagnetic coupling”, also known as EMI (electromagnetic interference.)

The electrical system within your body is composed of a mild DC direct current operating at ultra-low and extremely-low frequencies, ranging down to nearly 0.5 Hertz. (The typical human heart has a frequency of 1.0 - 1.17 Hertz. That’s about 1 cycle per second or 60 beats-per-minute, BPM. BPM is your pulse-rate.)

When AC fields couple with our body’s DC field, the electrical circuits on our skin experience electromagnetic interference. With our Galileo Protocol™, we measure this phenomenon. Often, it’s an increase of up to 60 KHz (that’s 60,000 Hertz) and beyond! Add a strong AC voltage to the skin from handling a charging iPhone (about 6 Volts), an electric bed (about 7 Volts), or placing a charging laptop on your lap using a 2-pronged plug (near 40 Volts!) and the 1,000-100,000 Ω (ohms) resistance of the skin’s insulators quickly becomes compromised by this unnatural force. The internal resistance of the body is about 300 Ω. So, once beyond the epidermal and dermal layers, these AC currents bringing high transient frequencies can travel to wherever they can locate a negative charge. (Electricity flows from positive to negative.) Yes, that’s potentially any healthy cell or organ!

We believe that the best start to healing from any illness is to reduce your exposure to EMF, electromagnetic fields. At ELEXANA, this is just one reason why we are so passionate about our work. 

Thank you. James Finn, MA, D.PSc, EMRS

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EMF Health Effects 

According to the Bio-Initiative Report of 2012 (2014-2019, PROLONGED EXPOSURE TO STRONG ELECTROMAGNETIC radiation (non-ionizing) MAY LEAD TO:  

insomnia, auto-immune disorder, inhibited calcium ion signaling and motility, leukemia, lymphoma, brain and nervous system tumors, acoustic neuroma, melanoma, breast cancer, breast cancer medications rendered ineffective, neurological disorders, autism, fatigue, dry eyes, compromised blood-brain barrier, leaky gut syndrome, premature cataracts, tinnitus, an uncomfortable feeling of heat, or pressure inside the head, migraine headaches, low sperm count, low sperm motility, female infertility, miscarriage, birth defects, chromosomal breaks, suppression of DNA mechanisms, DNA mutation, mitochondrial dysfunction and damage, sensitivity to noise, damaged placenta, burning or tingling skin sensations, short-term memory loss, confusion, concentration problems, brain fog, neuronal damage, nausea, vertigo, accelerated heart rate, high blood pressure, high triglyceride levels, heart arrhythmia, ADD, ADHD, learning disorders, depression, fibromyalgia, obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal failure, unexplained rashes, muscle weakness, muscle pain, mood swings, irritability, slow reflexes, weak immunity, and more.

* Prolonged exposure from strong EMFs will generally accelerate most cancers and neurological diseases.