The Galileo Protocol™

…a ground-breaking method for analyzing and reducing EMI coupled onto the epidermis

Increase employee energy, focus, productivity, auto-immunity, and spirit.

Show them how much you care.


Offered as an optional service, The Galileo Protocol™ is a unique and innovative analytical tool added to our EMF/EMI testing toolbox that is both evolving our profession and enriching our client experience.

As you enter a strong electromagnetic field, whether it be in your home or business workstation, we can measure your personal DC voltage and current as well as the AC voltage, current, and frequencies that are topically presenting up to a staggering +/- 0.025% accuracy using our National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) calibration certified-traceable instruments. We measure the Delta ∆ changes to your skin from the radiative near-fields in the air and from your conductive direct contact with the electric tools and devices you use, every day.

We can also measure the direct electromagnetic interference EMI that your body is having to process and cope.


We’ll show you how exposure to various devices at your workstation will increase/decrease these levels, and we will give you immediate solutions to improve your health, energy level, focus, and concentration while working.

We are very excited to offer this program to you as a part of our premium service.

We aim to provide you with years of lasting knowledge and benefits for your health and well-being.

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