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Note: To avoid a conflict of interest and to ensure that we are advocating especially for you, we have a policy to not sell EMF shielding products or provide mitigation contracting services. Instead, we provide shielding design and refer you to reputable suppliers. Also, we consult with your contracting company, architect, or licensed electrician for more complex remediation. We are here to help you through all of the complexities of EMF solutions.


Most are compliant with the IEEE 644-1994 - IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Standard Procedures for Measurement of Power Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields from AC Power Lines

…and, then there’s us; striving to set the world’s highest standards for EMF testing protocol and procedures; more thorough, more in-depth, more tests, and more service.

Why Be Concerned About EMI?

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) causes latency, malfunction, and sluggish performance to fine electronics such as computers, medical devices and equipment, pace-makers, financial trading platforms, graphic software, recording equipment, and more.

With the exponential increase of wireless technologies around the globe, EMI has become common vernacular. Synonyms are: line noise, harmonic transients, dirty electricity, RFI (radio frequency interference), electromagnetic coupling.

How Do You Know It’s EMI?

An easy way to tell if you have an EMI issue is to observe the presence of any:

  • overheating of any metal enclosures. Are enclosures very hot to the touch? (Inductive Heating)

  • motor failures from overheating. (Voltage Drop)

  • fuses blowing for no apparent reason (Inductive Heating and Overload)

  • static or interference on sound or voice communication (Harmonic Line Noise)

  • electronic equipment shutting down for no apparent reason (Voltage Distortion)

  • computer malfunction or locking up. (Voltage Distortion)

  • flickering fluorescent or LED lights (Transformer Saturation)

  • blinking incandescent lights (Transformer Saturation)

  • flickering or distortion lines and static on screens (Transformer Saturation)

What Are the Additional Benefits to Reducing EMI?

  • Reduced Electrical Consumption

  • Cooler Equipment

  • Longer Lifetime for Equipment

  • Lowered Utility Bill

  • EMF Reduction for a Safer and Healthier Environment

  • Surge Protection for Your Entire Facility

  • Improved Screen Quality

  • Improved Audio

  • Phase Correction Which Improves Efficiency and Performance

  • Cleaner Power Resulting from Transient Harmonic Attenuation

How Does EMI Occur?

Metal, of course, is a conductor for electromagnetism. If you have a strong electromagnetic field nearby a metal wire that has an electrical current and/or voltage, the nearby electromagnetic field will magnetically converge, couple, and ride along with the original current. Imagine a surfer hopping onto his surfboard to ride that perfect wave.


The amount of interference that will occur on an electronic is relative to frequency, the V/m (Volts per meter) and the magnetic flux of the intruding EMF.

The top line is a smooth sine wave of alternating current (AC.) The bottom line is a sine wave corrupted with EMI.

The top line is a smooth sine wave of alternating current (AC.) The bottom line is a sine wave corrupted with EMI.

The analogy of wind and water wonderfully illustrates the concept of EMI.

If there is a slow and easy breeze moving across the surface of a lake, you will see ripples or small mercurial waves in the water.

When wind velocity and force increases, you will see more turbulent water. This resembles EMI.

The concern for EMI is the reason you are calmly ordered by your airline pilot to place your phone on “airplane mode.” Accumulative electromagnetism from the many cell phones reflecting off of hard surfaces inside the cabin could intrude onto the computer’s circuitry that controls the landing gear.

EMI is why certain hospital wings will have cell phone restricted areas.

If you think that your fine electronics may be affected by EMI, then you are on on your way to having your problem solved. We’re here for you from Monday through Friday.

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