What is electromagnetism?

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Electromagnetism is one of the four natural forces in the universe. The others are: gravity, strong force nuclear (holds atoms together), and weak force nuclear (radioactive decay.) Our universe could not exist without any one of these forces.

In 1905, Albert Einstein proved within his Theory of Relativity that both electricity and magnetism simultaneously coexist, each supporting the other (Maxwell) as both waves and particles traveling at the speed of light. Electricity produces magnetism perpendicular to the direction it is moving and magnetism produces electricity in any direction. This synergistic union forms an EMF or electromagnetic field.

 Electromagnetic Wave Diagram

Electromagnetic Wave Diagram

 The Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Spectrum

 When a company claims that their product is “EMF safe,” you can now see why they should test for more than just the ELF radiation levels or RF levels.

When a company claims that their product is “EMF safe,” you can now see why they should test for more than just the ELF radiation levels or RF levels.

Unless someone has spent many hours studying electromagnetic fields, EMF can be a difficult topic. We see so many of our clients during an onsite EMF testing and consultation asking if their home was EMF safe, after conducting just one test. To better serve you, we are working to expand this section. Please, check back in with us.


Why Do electromagnetic fields Effect us?


We are all bio-electrical organisms composed of 55-60% water. This makes our bodies excellent conductors of electricity. Additionally, each cell in our bodies is, in essence, a small battery that requires high energy electrons to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate); usable energy to charge cells further storing the energy as ADP (adenosine diphosphate). Remember learning about the Krebs Cycle in High School Biology class?

 Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle A.K.A. Krebs Cycle or Citric Acid Cycle

Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle A.K.A. Krebs Cycle or Citric Acid Cycle


 How Do EMFs Affect Us?

Both chemical toxicity and EMF exposure have been shown to interfere with Calcium Ion (Ca2+) signaling and motility: necessary for intercellular communication and proper function as the transport mechanism responsible for bringing oxygen to your cells, termed oxygenation. We see EMF toxicity consistent with DNA mutation, auto-immune suppression, and hypoxia: lack of oxygen to cells. (For more info, please go to RESEARCH.)

Interruption to the body's Calcium Ion signaling and motility is one of the consistencies found among all Group 1 toxins, such as: uranium, plutonium, asbestos, mercury, lead, cigarette smoke, arsenic, and Electromagnetic Fields (not yet considered a Group 1 toxin in most countries.)

According to studies conducted by Dr. Martin Pall, Ph.D., both calcium ion signaling and motility are interrupted by electromagnetism. Calcium ion signaling is the how our cells communicate with each other. If cells cannot communicate appropriately, then cell apoptosis is interrupted. (Apoptosis is the DNA-programmed timely death of a cell. This is necessary to make way for a new cell replacement.) If cells do not get the signal that it is now time to shut-down, then we can then end up series of mutated cells.

Calcium ion motility is the process by which calcium ions transport oxygen (O2) to our cells. Without O2, our cells cannot synthesize aerobic energy (ATP) having to rely on producing energy without O2, termed anaerobic energy. Hmm…unaccountable muted cells making anaerobic energy needing to cannibalize other cells for energy, recognized as foreign proteins causing stem-cell trophoblasts to form around them becoming tumors….sounds like some modern theories for cancer, doesn’t this?

Also, our cells need O2 for their very survival. O2 molecules are electron donors which increase the voltage of our cells, raising their pH (potential for hydrogen, H+) to become more alkaline. Without this important bond to biologically create water (H2O), our cells release electrons, lose their negative charge, begin to have a lowered pH, become more acidic, inflamed, and die. We experience electrolyte stress overload due to a fluid/mineral imbalance, develop disease (congestive heart failure, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, endocrine dysfunction, hypothyroidism, kidney failure, chronic fatigue, depression, and more), and die.

Other than the continuous stream of chemical pollutants that render your daily body burden is the additional undue stress that EMFs place on the smooth electron flow occurring within and around every cell in your body. Electromagnetism causes electrical interference to biological cellular electrical function akin to the electromagnetic interference (EMI) that occurs when radio frequencies latch onto or electrically interrupt semiconductors and other fine electronics within medical devices and airplane computer systems. This is also why we see mitochondria dysfunction/damage in the presence of strong electromagnetic fields. (Mitochondria are integral to ATP (adenosine triphosphate) cellular energy production.)

Prolonged exposure to Electromagnetic Fields may also cause the breaking down of fine membranes in the body, such as: the retina; causing premature cataracts, the intestinal lining; causing leaky gut syndrome, the placenta; causing miscarriages, and the blood-brain barrier (BBB); allowing heavy metals to enter the brain thus causing cognitive issues and/or neurological disease. (For a more extensive list of the ill-health effects that may result from EMF exposure, please go to RESEARCH.) We are your EMF experts.

When cells are stressed they emit electrons which lower their voltage. This causes these stressed cells to have less oxygen (termed: oxidative stress) available for healthy cell life, a lower or acidic pH, and to produce free radicals that attack other cells. Lack of oxygen to cells in the gut, for example, allow unfriendly bacteria to flourish, parasites to feed and secrete inflammatory biofilm, and fungus to form in the blood; promoting harmful spirochetes. 

Yes, all of us are highly sensitive to each and every surrounding electromagnetic field. In reaction, our body's skin voltage will quickly rise and fall in direct relationship to the strength of these nearby energies. Reactive electrical currents can form within the body causing stress on various acupuncture meridians and their corresponding organs. Heart rate, blood pressure, and triglyceride levels will often increase reactively. A weakening of the intestinal lining may also occur. This can result in various digestive issues.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or adrenal fatigue could develop if we are exposed to strong electromagnetic fields for prolonged periods of time. CFS can occur when the body tries to correct, what it perceives as an "unnatural attack" while sensing a high skin voltage from an electric AC field (E.) This induces the adrenal glands to secrete the "fight or flight" hormones: adrenaline, cortisol, and norephedrine. 

With frequent exposure to high EMFs, the adrenal glands can eventually fatigue causing us to suffer low energy, low productivity, and various ill-health effects. Dr. Robert O. Becker relates this condition to promoting cancer.

Earth's magnetic fields shift each day from short daytime waves to long night-time waves. Our brains instinctively sense these magnetic shifts and signal our pineal gland to produce melatonin. In 2016, Joseph Kirschvink proved that our brains contain biogenic magnetite within the cerebral cortex and cerebellum. This magnetite, Fe3O4, helps to foster our brains' ability to sense the changes in polarity during Earth's magnetic field shifts. Melatonin helps us fall asleep and thereby signals our brains to replenish and grow new cells. (BTW, we recommend to avoid melatonin supplements.)

The WiFi router, inside your modem, sends out 2.4 GHz or 2.4 billion small EMF waves (approximately 5 inches long) per second into our bodies, 24/7. These are digitally produced, unevenly pulsed, and electromagnetically charged waves that can have an upsetting effect on our sleep patterns by effecting Theta and Delta brainwaves. With their daytime-like short and rapid waves, Wi-Fi radiation can confound our pineal glands into signaling that it is daytime thus ceasing production of melatonin; causing us to wake. In NYC, add to your proximity hundreds of Wi-Fi's, thousands of cell phones and other wireless devices, and residential cell towers within every quarter of a mile... it's a wonder any of us sleep through the night.  At ELEXANA, we have some simple and inexpensive solutions for you.

In 2016, the National Toxicology Program of Sweden's National Institute of Health proved a "direct causal link" between cell phone radiation and cancer. 


This study calls for Cell Phone Energy to be reclassified as a Group 1 toxin; alongside asbestos, cigarette smoke, uranium, and plutonium!  In more than 3,700 studies, our bodies have been proven to be sensitive to even the smallest amounts of non-thermal electromagnetic energy. Because of this, as a common courtesy, I encourage you all to place your cell phones on airplane mode whenever you are nearby others, especially in enclosed spaces with reflective surfaces as found in trains, autos, or elevators.

Perhaps the most harmful non-ionizing radiation we encounter each day is produced within our own homes or workplaces. The alternating current (AC) inside our walls is the perfect antennae for radio frequencies (RF) and AC Magnetic Fields (M or ELF) of all kinds. Once these RF's piggy-back onto live wiring, very erratic electromagnetic interference (EMI) is formed. Depending on the levels of electric fields around us such as an ungrounded computer or floor lamp, the higher the levels of our body voltage, the more of this EMI we take on. EMI can upset and interfere with the proper electrical functioning of not only our home or workstation computer systems but of our every biological cell. Dr. Neil Cherry proved that EMI can eventually cause us DNA mutation and chromosomal breaks. At ELEXANA, we have a solution for this, too.

Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and Very Low Frequency (VLF) radiation have long been known (70+ years) through studies to cause profound ill effects.  Here is a true story that recently happened to me.

The power lines under our sidewalk leaked 23 times the BioIniatiative lethal limit of ELF. It had rained for a few days, so I thought to test the pipes under our kitchen sink. Lo and behold, they had an electric current running through them of 26 amperes! This meant that the entire plumbing system in our building was electrified! (Note: It only takes 0.006 amperes to induce cardiac arrest for a healthy person.)

I spoke with our superintendent's office and the landlord. Neither had ever heard of grounding a building's plumbing system. I called Con Edison and spoke with their top emergency technician. He had never heard of a Gaussmeter! A Gaussmeter is the meter used for testing power line ELF leakage. (Perhaps, it is safe to say that this is not a concern for the power company.)

It's rare, but occasionally we find a building that does not have grounded plumbing or heating system. (Even though, it's OSHA code.) Grounding the plumbing in a building is an easy fix for our electrician. Do you know if you have power line leakage into your building and if your pipes are electrified? We at ELEXANA can help you with this issue.

More info on EMF levels and health risks:

Bioinitiative Color Charts 2012


What Can We Do to help Improve Your Health?


In NYC, we bear witness to so many complex constructs of every possible multi-tiered set of EMF's or Super EMF's imaginable. EMF Consultants was the first New York-based company measuring electromagnetic field radiation in homes and businesses and present remediation solutions. Now, EMF Consultants is an arm of ELEXANA LLC.

We have the ability to test the entire spectrum from ELF's emitted by sources such as power line leakage through to microwave output (RF's) from nearby cell towers and nuclear radiation emitted by granite and x-ray machines - all with the highest industry standards of accuracy. Because we value service, we will always first suggest the simplest and most expedient cost-effective solutions.

If you are seeking to buy or rent a new home, we can test for environmental hazards such as radon gas leakage, radioactivity, cell tower, power line, and step-down transformer emissions.

Take the next step towards improving your health and well-being by calling on us. 

In a world committed to electricity and wireless technology, we all need to find ways to reduce any purposeless and unnecessary exposure and to seek out safer and more sustainable solutions for the sake of our's and our families' health and well-being.


James J. Finn, Principal Consultant

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If you want to learn more about electromagnetism within the Theory of Relativity, then here is a good lecture by Physicist Dr. Martin Smalley, University of York that will support your interest.