Why We Feel Elexana the Best Choice?

“At Elexana, we focus on solutions.”

  • We care. We or someone dear to us was made ill by exposure to EMFs. It takes heart to do this work with the thoroughness, dedication, humility, and compassion with which we strive to provide, each and every day.

  • We are the only Certified Building Biology® Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists™ (EMRS) in the NYC-TriState area. Our Chief EMF Consultant, Mitch Marchand, B.Sc., Electrical Engineer, Ready Corporation, Power, Oil & Gas, is even one of the instructors for the Building-Biology Institute®. Ryan Blaser, B.Sc., Electrical Engineer., EMRS, comes to us from the US Department of Energy. James Finn, MA, D.PSc, EMRS has practiced natural medicine for over 30 years and founded EMF Consultants @ emfnyc.com, New York City’s first EMF Testing Company. He is the originator of the Galileo Protocol. He remains on the cutting-edge of science as a member of the BEMS, EABA, ASP, PMA, and the BBI.

  • Every Building Biology® Institute Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist™ is trained and educated on the operation and details of the electrical power grid from the power plant to your wall outlet receptacle and she or he is trained to identify wiring errors that cause electromagnetism as well as instruct an electrician on how to fix these errors. We are on the cutting-edge of all science-based mitigation and remediation techniques and materials. These are strong reasons why we are the best choice for all of your EMF consulting and remediation service needs. Read: Why is Identifying Electrical Wiring Errors Essential to EMF Testing?

  • We strive to be fully present with you and encourage you to follow us throughout the assessment and ask questions. Our goal is to be as thorough as is possible so we don’t miss any one thing that could possibly cause you to become ill or prevent you from healing. Who but ELEXANA checks and measures the DC Magnetic Fields in your bed’s metal bed frame and box springs with an industrial magnetometer?

  • At Elexana, we have the training, skills, knowledge, and experience to identify and provide solutions for home wiring errors and other problems with your electrical power supply; all of which are typical sources for powerful AC Magnetic Fields, in nearly half of all homes. When we identify a problem, we provide a separate report for either our electricians or the appropriate power company on precisely what the problem is and how to fix it.

  • We have more than 50 years of cumulative experience and well over 1,000 EMF tests under our belts. There is no situation which we do not have the answer. At a recent residential EMF measurement survey, we identified three separate AC Magnetic Fields within a bedroom which were behind the headboard of the bed. We had the ability to measure these three fields separately, identified the source of each field, and provide the correct solution for each one. The headboard can now remain safely in its original location and our client is sleeping like a baby.

  • We will not sell you EMF products or try to convince you that you need any. If you feel that you would like to remediate further after any remediation that happens during our consultation, then we can get you discounts on many proven-products through our affiliates. (For some products we can receive a commission, but we’d let you know which ones they are.) We don’t count on selling you products to increase earnings like those companies who always undercut our price-quote.

  • We use the highest quality hand-held certified-calibrated professional meters and monitors to assure clarity and precision. We set the standard for professional EMF services.

  • We are the only EMF Service company associated with a licensed physician to serve our clients who are EMF sensitive or have other EMF related illnesses.

  • Even our receptionists are HIPAA compliant. You can share what you are going through, experiencing, or struggling and know that it will remain private.

  • We are continually coming up with creative cost-effective science-based solutions to meet the lifestyles, needs, and budgets of each of our clients.

  • We frequently review our processes and continually retool our equipment and methodology, upgrading our training, knowledge, and research to assure we stay at the cutting-edge of our field to bring you the highest quality service possible.

  • The Galileo Protocol and other creative procedures and solutions are why we are setting the standard for our industry.

  • We were the first original EMF Services company in New York City: EMF Consultants. (www.emfnYc.com - a great URL that still links to this site.) We specialize in EMF electromagnetic field services and comply with the highest standards set forth by the Building Biology® Institute’s Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist™ (EMRS) Program.

  • Your health is our top-priority.