Advanced Cellular Detoxification

 The Daily Detox

A Natural Heavy Metal Chelation Protocol


Why has this been so successful?

Using safe and natural methods, your body will release those toxins causing cellular stress. 

This is cellular biology based in traditional and cutting-edge science; both working together.


THE NATIONAL REPORT ON HUMAN EXPOSURE TO ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICALS, by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) reported that the typical American has an average of 212 environmental chemicals in our blood at any given time. 

All of us are exposed, 24/7, to chemical pollutants in the air we breath, the water we drink, and the foods we eat. Most of us have the ability to release these toxins through normal excretion and perspiration. However, for those of us who live in big cities, near mining facilities, power plants, airports, or well-traveled roads and highways, the body has a much more difficult time keeping up with the magnitude of toxins.

At ELEXANA, we believe that everyones' personal hygiene regimen should include a natural detoxification program. This should also be considered essential for all clinical treatments and therapies.

As we age, our bodies become less efficient at eliminating toxins. Eventually, we accumulate toxins in our blood, fat, muscles, soft tissue, organs, and even the brain. At a certain point, our body burden weighs on our auto-immune system. Hence, we see many of the same symptoms seen from EMF toxicity and all other toxins: restriction in calcium Ion (Ca2+) signaling and motility, neurological diseases, loss of energy, depression, poor immunity, problems losing weight, insomnia, and much more. 


Some big differences between our detox program and the rest...

  • There are many detox systems out there that are very good. Doing something is certainly better than doing nothing. The most significant difference between our system and the others is where the real deep cleaning happens. Our Advanced Cellular Detox frees every cell in the body. 
  • Though they are popular in the alternative healing world, we do not advocate colonics, infrared saunas, or coffee enemas. There are gentler and less extreme ways to help the body release toxins which we believe are safer and more beneficial in the long run. 
  • We don't try to sell you any detox formulas or potions. We have done our homework and simply recommend materials that we have found to date that actually work; without any harmful side-effects.

  • We are not big on supplements or fancy formulas in a capsule. We use essential ingredients straight from our planet Earth. ELEXANA = electron/health. What you put into your body has to be natural. We consider the electrons these materials contain, the electrons your body self-generates, and your cellular energy signature.

  • We suggest lifestyle shifts that will raise your cellular vibration and sharpen your mind and body. This will not only accelerate the detoxification process but continue to enhance your life for many years to come. 

Our Program

Our proprietary system of natural processes facilitates your detoxification and will give you the tools and knowledge to help mitigate your future exposure.

While the essence of our detox program thrives on fundamental anatomy and commonsense science, the mechanisms themselves can be quite complex. Because our process is integrative and wholistic, the following list only approximates a sequential order and doesn't accurately reflect the actual order of biological processes taking place in our detox system. 

How our Daily detox works:


  • You will learn how to shift the mind and body from a primarily Sympathetic ON to a Parasympathetic OFF condition or status.

When we are in Sympathetic ON: we are tense, our muscles contract and tighten, our breathing becomes shallow, our capillaries constrict, our blood pressure increases, our blood-oxygen levels decrease, our blood cells lose electrons, our body pH decreases; becoming more acidic, elimination and detox become difficult, and healing comes to a near halt.

When we are in Parasympathetic OFF: we feel calm and at ease, our muscles are extended and relaxed, our breathing deepens, our blood pressure decreases, our blood-oxygen levels increase, our capillaries expand, our endocrine and lymphatic systems flow, elimination is easy, our bodies detox naturally, and our bodies heal.

Thousands of years of Traditional Chinese medicine has taught us that when we let go of harmful emotions, all of our organs will have improved functioning. For detox and healing, it's especially important that we release fear, anger, and worry.

Some of what we do...

  • Restore the gut microbiome to bacterium ratio to approximately 85 to 15%.
  • Replace probiotics and support prebiotics with up to 56 living gut microbiome species. This will enhance the body's ability to synthesize cobalt to make vitamin B12; the crowed jewel of all vitamins and essential for helping the body produce metallothioneins - cysteine-rich, low molecular weight proteins that bind heavy metals through the thiol group.
  • Support those organs in charge of elimination; namely the liver, kidneys, and the skin with targeted detox and replenishment protocols. 
  • Increase hydrochloric acid production and repair the epithelium, the glycocalyx surface coat which contains natural digestive enzymes (*) and the gut mucosal barrier. (A little known fact is that heavy metal toxicity can cause damage to the intestinal mucosa that can cause intestinal dysbiosis; a condition occurring from small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) or small intestinal fungal overgrowth (SIFO), candida overgrowth, leaky gut, abdominal pain and compromised immune function.)
  • Aid the body to extricate any and all parasites, heavy metals, and chemical toxins from the blood, muscles, soft tissues, organs, and even the brain using combinations of natural drinks, nutrients, minerals, and electromagnetic field remediation.
  • Decalcify the pineal gland thus fostering the increased natural production of melatonin; one of our greatest anti-oxidant and important natural assets. The pineal gland is the smallest gland in our bodies and the only one other than the spleen and kidneys where all of our blood eventually passes through. This is a main reason why the pineal gland becomes calcified in the first place and why helping the body to cleanse the blood is an important part of any detox.

(*) This is where we see many nutritionists miss the mark. Suggesting clients take betaine and digestive enzymes is not a therapy. It should be used as an intermediary step within a larger process. They will tell you that with these products the body will eventually begin to make its own hydrochloric acid naturally, but this is not the case. The materials that the body requires to make HCL have nothing to do with these artificial products. 

Please note: Anyone who tells you to take a melatonin supplement does not understand the long-term harm it is causing you. Our bodies need to produce the natural anti-oxidants that we were born to make. Taking these and many other supplements, including glutathione, actually inhibit our chances of producing these important compounds for ourselves. 


  • Clean up the post-toxic effects caused by breaking down the heavy metals and the parasitic excretion, biofilm, and/or broken parts of any remaining residue. With our process, this is a rare occurrence.


  • Give the body the natural supplies it needs to effectively deep-clean through cell membrane transportation into each cell to release and transport out any toxins lodged within our cells. This is usually a natural body function that does not require any help from us. But, where the body burden is significant and especially if you are experiencing poor health, undue emotional stress, or sympathetic nervous system disorders, then it can only help to be sure that your body has the necessary materials it needs to get the job done. Again, we are actually doing nothing. It's the miraculous actions of our bodies that do all the work.


Your body will continue this natural detoxification process each day. We will help monitor and coach you on how to optimize your detox program. 

Please remember, these toxins took a long time to lodge deeply within your body. They will not come out in a few weeks of detox. You will notice results quickly, but patience, discipline, and mindfulness will serve you well. 

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