Adrenal Stress or Chronic Fatigue can have many causes...


You can be doing all the right things: eating well, exercising, and having a good outlook, but if your body is being beaten down by external stressors such as electromagnetic fields, emotional stress, chemical toxins, nutritional deficiencies, insomnia, bacteria, parasites, GERD or other diseases, then you will eventually begin to have a difficult time just getting through the day.

* If a new client thinks they have chronic fatigue, then we insist that you see your general practitioner to get all the testing you need, in order to rule out complete adrenal failure or some other dangerous illness.

** Only after you have been to your medical doctor for testing do we allow you to begin this program.


We begin by methodically testing and measuring all of the possible external triggers. These include having your home tested for EMF - electromagnetic fields radiation. Generally, we find that constant or regular exposure to strong electromagnetic fields is the number one cause of CFS for our clients. Once the fields are remediated, the symptoms subside and the client usually begins to improve. 

Our EMF Consultants team will test, analyze, and mitigate these draining energies in your home and/or workplace.


The second step is to look at the Adrenals

We advise that if you do think you have adrenal failure that you see your medical doctor. A good doctor will send your saliva specimen to an accredited laboratory to test your levels such as Great Plains Laboratory. If levels are dangerously low, then we advise that you listen to your medical doctor, in this instance.

"Standard of care" protocol is to prescribe hydrocortisone for a couple of weeks, just to boost your levels up from critical and to get you "out-of-the-woods."

If you are not presenting a critical situation, then a simple blood pressure reading will often indicate which or both of the glands (Outer/Inner) are struggling. We have an adrenal protocol that gives your body what it needs to assist the adrenals; giving them the best chance to completely heal.

No. You don't need clomiphene or any other artificial hormone. You don't need an anti-depressant. You don't need B12 shots unless you're dangerously deficient. Again, if you're being told this is what you need, then your health provider just doesn't know how the body works. This is usually the case. Freshman year or chemistry just doesn't cut it!